[Hero Concept] The Ice Queen, Praha (Attacker)

MAJOR DISCLAIMER: I DO NOT want ANY compensation for the concept of this Hero. I really would love to play and enjoy her in game. In THIS very game that she was designed for specifically. The only thing I want is to play her and be recognized for the conceptual part of her creation. Gearbox Software, PLEASE take this idea and do NOT worry about paying me a penny.

Please feel free to make suggestions. I am always happy to hear them. :snowflake: :revolving_hearts:


Health: ■■■□□
Power: ■■■■□
Range: ■■■□□
Speed: ■■□□□


Praha is from the LLC faction. She’s a headstrong scientist who always goes through great lengths to achieve her results. She lead a team of researchers who were tasked to find ways to regulate cooler temperatures in certain areas of the world. Praha and her team were able to harness cold temperatures in powerful shards of ancient Eldrid crystals. Praha set out to a desert region to test their achievement out on the field. But it did not go as she had planned. The crystals were not After countless failed attempts, Praha plunged the largest of the Eldrid crystal into her chest, in hopes to salvage her research. Her body began to alter and fused itself with the manufactured ice crystal. But most importantly, the imbued crystal has given her the ability to manipulate the cold as she deems fit. Mission accomplished, right? FOR SCIENCE! :relaxed:


Praha’s demeanor is very sultry yet playful. :kiss: Not slutty. She sees any battlefield as hers and taunts her enemies in a way that would make it seem that they are play things to her, laughing as she chills her enemies to their core.


Praha levitates in the air and emits a cold aura around her. When idle she can be seen looking at her nails and shards of the imbued Eldrid crystal drift and weave around her. While returning to base, she crystallizes herself into ice and then shatters and then reforms in the base.


She is a close ranged ATTACKER with emphasis on control. She would have medium range and a slightly higher health pool than most ranged attackers. Not high on initial damage, but given her control, she can CC her enemies and get many opportunities to land damage.


  • Passive- Frozen Heart: Praha’s skills and weapon attacks debuff her enemies, making them reach different levels of cold depending their current stage of the debuff.
    Slowed:snowflake: (movement reduced by 20%)
    Chilled:snowflake:(movement reduced by 60%)
    Encased:snowflake: (unable to move).

  • Weapon- Imbued Crystal: Praha’s weapon is an imbued crystal that can send out potent ice shards from a range. If the attack button is held down, it will blast in front around her in a line. Enemies continuously hit with Praha’s weapon will gradually (not instantly) become Slowed:snowflake:, then Chilled:snowflake:, and lastly Encased:snowflake:.

  • Talent- Shatter: Praha squeezes crystals in both hands and creates a shockwave that removes their current debuff and deals damage to enemies in an AoE around her. Slowed:snowflake: enemies take small damage, Chilled:snowflake: enemies take moderate damage, and Encased:snowflake: enemies take massive damage

  • Skill 1 - Cold Snap: Praha deals damage in a cone in front of her. Progressing the enemy’s cold debuffs to its next intensity.

:snowflake:Movement debuff sequence :snowflake:

Normal -> Slowed
Slowed -> Chilled
Chilled -> Encased

  • Skill 2 - Cold Shoulder: Praha glides forward to a target location. At the end of the dash, Praha blasts the area around her dealing damage and damages enemies.

  • Ultimate - Frozen Pillars: Praha expends her power to slam down a wall of ice where she chooses. The wall emits an aura that procs Slow:snowflake: and gradually advancing to Encased:snowflake: if enemies remain close to it. Praha can use this ability again to explode the crystals prematurely and deal damage in an AoE where the pillars stood.


When selected:

  • “Winter IS coming…”

Seeing an enemy:

  • “I hope you weren’t planning on running away!”

  • “You’d make a nice sculpture instead.”

When an enemy becomes Encased:

  • “(laughs) Now look what you’ve gone and made me do…”

  • “You have the right to remain…frozen.” (chuckle)

When using Shatter:

  • “Break apart!”

When using Cold Snap:

  • “You aren’t getting cold feet, are you? What a shame…”

When using Cold Shoulder:

  • “Where were you going? (laughs)”

When using Frozen Pillars:

  • “You think you can escape this numbing cold?”

Conceptual Artwork

((Coming soon… hopfully. :cry: )



  • Updated basic stats
  • Gave her a name
  • Adjusted the stats
  • Added a longer bio
  • Updated her skills
  • Added quote section
  • Added animation section


  • Added disclaimer to give all and full rights to Gearbox Software for Praha’s concept

@Jeffybug, would you be able to tell me if this is ok? Or if there is something specific Gearbox Software needs from me to claim rights for a Hero concept? :revolving_hearts:

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  • Adjusted Shatter’s description
  • Cleaned up the story
  • Added Quotes for scenarios that happen within game
  • Added a conceptual artwork section (hoping to get some artwork for her :revolving_hearts: )

I am officially devastated. I am COMPLETELY blinded-sided by this. This hero’s story is VERY similar to Praha’s and I am so distraught by this.

I will change her story now. No matter how much this knocked me down. :angry:

Lol. Kudos for the work you put into this :smile:

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Oh thank you!! I super appreciate your comment!! It really means a lot.

  • :blush: -

I could only think of Mei from Overwatch and the I saw your comment on that. Albeit they are similar to an extent, or at least were similar. The character you have created is definitely an interest.

The only change I can think of would be to remove a lot of the slowdown effects. That inside of missions would be fine, but inside of multiplayer it will be frustrating, especially when she can use them frequently.

Taking a look at me, she can freeze enemies, but her weapons has minimal range and that is why it works and is not frustrating. Therefore, I would suggest changing her into a close quarters attacker.

Looks really cool!

Personally, when I see something like ‘Ice Queen’, the first thing that jumps to my mind is character like Esdeath. I mean, she’s perfect for that job (perfectly match the title ‘Ice Queen’, sadistic but still very smart and of course, the best at what she does - which is killing and torturing :smiley:)

Some images:

I’ll admit this is very well thought out. I’ve created twenty-five of my own Battleborn in terms of their bios, abilities, talents, weapons and helix trees. I have about fifteen of them up on reddit.com: Have a look if you like. I’ll provide a link below.

:heart_eyes: Thank you! I actually just made some changes too!


  • Adjusted Stats so they are more in line with her role
  • Clarified Playstyle
  • Made Ability section look more appealing
  • Removed the movement debuff on her Shatter skill

You had me at “Winter is coming…”, lol. Considering that we have a solar character in the game, I can see something similar to your character making it to the game.

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:3 Thank you! I haven’t updated her in awhile. I would like to. But the community here is definitely not making me want to play this game ever again.

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Why the community is ok

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Every community has its toxic side, don’t let that ruin your fun. By the way, looking forward to the concept art :slight_smile:

Yeahhhhh I know I shouldn’t. I enjoyed doing this concept and I really shouldn’t let someone try and stop me. :persevere:

I’m sure I’ll press forward. Just give me a bit! :blush:

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