Hero key usage after all unlocked

If you’re like me, you have gotten above rank 40 and unlocked all the current heroes. With Alani on the way, we’re getting hero keys, which can be recycled if you will. Basically if you unlock Alani, then get the command rank needed also, you get the hero key back. In addition, if you tested the beta, like me, you get an extra hero key.

Now, this is, what I think, one of the best ways we can use hero keys after unlocking the heroes. Obviously, after the fifth one releases it is possible to have 6 hero keys left dormant. I propose they let us use hero keys to complete lore challenges. It would be so good. Glitched lore challenge HERO KEY! Ghalts 25 first blood medals too dificult for ya? HERO KEY. Yes it would mean you don’t do the challenge but you payed a hefty price to do so.

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