Hero Keys are broken? (Solved)

So… if you buy the season pass and u get the hero keys… and u complete the challenge of the hero keys… you can have infinite free champions forever?

That’s what i understand.

I have 1 key, i unlock a character, then the key give me a challenge to recover the key (as i have read u have all the time in the world for make that challenge) and then i make the challenge and i have a new key, and start again, and again… and again…

Is it right? That can make a big big breach between people who buy the season pass and who dont… forever… think about that, 6 months in the future, people who bought the season pack still taking free champions, and the other people farming credits.

There aren’t infinite characters? And DLC characters do NOT have a challenge, so I assume if you unlock them via key, that key is lost. The reusable keys are only there to help unlocking the default 25 characters.

Personally I’ve already unlocked all of them and if you really try it doesn’t take that long. Only challenges that can take a little more time are Kleese and Ghalt since the medals can be a pretty gimmicky. (And Reyna and Pheobe I’d assume for people who don’t play that much PVP?)

U dont understand the post, im not talking about the actual heroes. The actual heroes are easy you make the challenges and unlocked, easy. But the next heores will cost credits. And in the post it says that the hero keys will give u a challenge to recover the hero key when u use one.


And Forever? There will only be 5 Character Unlock keys (6 for PS4 people who played in the Open Beta and bought the Season Pass) and I can’t find any source that states that there will be more than 5 extra characters.

I repeat, the key gives you a challenge. I haven’t read that the key give you the challenge of the unlocked character, i understand that the key gives you other challenges

For the 5 new characters, unless otherwise stated, it’s 47k credit or a key.

I guess if you want to earn the key back, you could pay the 47k credit… But there would be no point.

Alani is a healer, if I dont want a healer right now, I could unlock Ghalt instead, then if I complete either requirement for Ghalt, the key is back for more unlock.

That’s fine with me, personnaly. Give us a chance to try stuff and still aim for them in the long run.

The keys unlock characters, and if you unlock that characters unlock challenge later, the key is redeemed.

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okey, now i understand it better. Thanks for your response man =)

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Yeah what reliikki said. Those of us with the season pass can use hero keys to unlock one of the 25 base heroes, in which case we will get the key back for another unlock once we complete the challenge that would’ve given us the hero anyway. Or we can use it to unlock a DLC hero, which would normally cost credits, in which case we either lose the hero key, or can possibly get it back by paying the same number of credits someone without a key would have to pay to unlock the hero. The key does not give you any challenges - I’m not even really sure what you mean by that? The key just unlocks a hero that you haven’t unlocked through gameplay yet. If you complete the challenge that would have unlocked that hero, you get the key back.

It’s no more ‘broken’ than just giving season pass holders the new characters with no unlock requirements. The only benefit the hero keys being refundable gives me is that I can try somebody I haven’t unlocked yet without fear of sacrificing a DLC unlock permanently. No worries! It’s not going to give anybody any really unfair advantage.


The way I understood it :

  • you get a key
  • you use it to get X character
  • you still have the opportunity to unlock that character the right way (commander level / challenge / credits)
  • you get the key back if you unlock the character “the right way”.

In the case of the new character :
You unlock the character > once you have 47k (is that the exact number ?) credits you can pay for the character which gives you back your key.

I think you are misreading it, I think what they mean is if you use the key to unlock someone who can also be unlocked via challenges or leveling then you get it back once they are unlocked the traditional way. For DLC characters there is no other way to get them except buying them so I imagine the key is lost at that point. Or as stated above buy it back with credits possibly?

Yeah I’m thinking this is the right way to interpret it. So I could in theory use my key, early unlock any char I don;t have like Kleese and when I get him I get my key back to get Alani, which Is prolly what I’m gonna do. It’s a good idea imo, that way those of us who have the pass but have yet to grind uber high on the rank scale to unlock everyone can get a character we really want and just hold off on the DLC character. Likely thats what I’m gonna do, unless Alani’s healix is amazing I generally don;t ever play healers so it makes more sense for me to auto unlock a support or similar Character i will play to help my team and just wait on a new healer.

Well I hope she won’t be focused only on healing, I already hate miko for making the game boring I don’t want a second miko.
That would be the second eldrid healer though.

By the way, dev’s message clearly says :

Here’s even more good news: Hero Keys are reusable! If you complete the challenge objective or reach the required Command Rank at any time after unlocking a hero using a Hero Key, then that Hero Key will be returned to you and you can then use that Hero Key to unlock another hero.

Which means "if you complete whatever is required to unlock the battleborn, you get your key back"
You don’t get another key, just your old key.

The five characters are just what they are planning in terms of free DLC in the near future. I’d think there will likely be more than 5 eventually.

That would be great!

I have the season pass ( just purchased) and seem to only have 1 hero key and was expecting 5 due to the 5 chars.

Am I supposed to keep re-using this key by after redeeming it, then getting it back by unlocking Alani another way?

Am I going to be given more keys as more characters are released?

I ask as I am not too fussed about Alani but really want Pendles! Do I need to keep my key for Pendles and not unlock Alani? I don’t want to use it on Alani and then not have my key when Pendles is released!

You’ll get more keys when more characters release :slight_smile:

Aha! Many thanks for letting me know! In that case I might as well unlock Alani with my newly acquired for buying season pass key and then unlock Pendles with they key I guess I will be issued with at his release!