Hero Selection Before Match Making?

Coming from Heroes of the Storm, Why can’t I pick who I want to be before the Match? Instead sometimes it feels like a race to get to my favorite characters the fastest. And then I get angry when the character was stolen from me and the player sucks and I could have done much more for the team.

Also picking heroes beforehand can help with balanced game i.e. team with single healer may outplay team with multiple healers (No dps) or no healers at all.

If not possible to pick before, can we at least have our cursor start on our last played character?

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I agree with this.

I cant understand how balanced and good set up for team can be done with pre choosing characters.You have to look a bit what your team picks too to build a good team and if there is pre picking; you most likely end up in team what gets rolled over.
I see this feature inpractical and will only negatively affect gameplay.

What happens if you both ‘pre-pick’ the same character?

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You pick your character, select matchmaking and then you won’t get matched on a team with someone else that has already picked your character (you do get matched with 4 other players who have already picked unique characters as well). Unique characters is not hard to enforce. Their matchmaking algorithm is dedicated to find another (enemy) team composition that is somewhat balanced with the allies you are matchmade with. IE similar # of melee, tanks, assassins, support, ranged, that type of thing.

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Coming from Heroes myself, I think I can explain this easily. (disclaimer, all speculation based on my experience)

The matchmaking is more like Ranked than QM… kinda.

They want you to be able to consider the friendly team composition before choosing your character. Personally, I prefer this as I generally find the Heroes YOLO-Q to be tedious.

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