Hero Shooters/FPMOBAs as a Genre

So with Battleborn’s final update out, I want to take a look at the Hero Shooter and First Person MOBA genre as a whole. Keep in mind throughout that I absolutely love Battleborn. I think it’s a gem that was unfairly maligned from day one. So what I’m about to say isn’t a knock on any of the games I mention in and of themselves, it’s an attempt to look at the business end of things from a somewhat objective point of view.

Even if Gearbox didn’t know about Overwatch when Battleborn started development, the fact that there was going to be a trend towards this type of game was pretty clear. There was a Penny Arcade comic about Battleborn that compared it to Monday Night Combat, a game I very much enjoyed playing on the Xbox 360. While I disagree completely with the point that they were using that comparison to make, it does show that the idea of an FPS MOBA wasn’t really anything new.

Gigantic and LawBreakers have excellent scores on gaming review sites, but both seem to be suffering from the same problem that constantly dogged Battleborn: a small playerbase. I haven’t played either of these games, so I don’t know the full extent of these claims, but for LawBreakers especially it seems to be a problem. Every headline about this week’s new update for that game seems to include the phrase “in spite of low player count.”

Unfortunately, I think this is just the nature of the genre. These are games that require a large amount of time and dedication to level up and develop your skills. It’s very easy for these games to lose players, and after their launch it’s very difficult to get them back. With the sheer amount of time and energy the players have to invest, I don’t think we should be shocked that one or maybe two games have eaten up the entire audience. Even if your game brings something new to the genre or is an incredible piece of art, I don’t think your chances are going to be very good of acquiring the dedicated audience needed to financially support this type of game and keep it afloat for a long period time.

Overwatch and maybe Paladins are going to stick around for a while, but for everyone else, I think the genre is dying just as quickly as it was created. I also think its legacy of loot boxes and microtransactions is going to do a lot of harm to the gaming industry in general, but that’s another topic altogether.


We can only hope… Bring back epic story games, as well as split-screen co-op games that don’t require everyone to have a copy…

The greed in this industry is getting out of hand…


It definitely is. Sad really.


Lawbreakers is bad and I’m glad it’s not doing good tbh.

Yeah but you think every game is bad so…:man_shrugging:

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Not really. I like Smite, League, Paladins, and a few others.

Fair enough, then.