Hero Skins, Present and Future?

Hey guys, first forum post here. Just want to gather a community opinion on this topic.

Alright, so first let’s discuss the skins that are present. I like the loot packs containing skins.
Recolors are all that there are right now. I like them a lot, but I don’t like how the skill effects are the same. When I see a green Rath, I would expect his abilities to look green as well. I think changing the effects of the augments and skills to match the recolor would make them amazing.

Future skins. Anyone got any idea what they might be? I would like to see actual skins in the future, not just recolors. I wouldn’t mind paying for complete character remodels as skins, like what Smite and League do. And for some more recolors, stick them in loot packs. I even like the idea of putting some actual skins in Epic loot packs.

So, as far as community opinions, let me know what you guys think of current skins, and what you want to see in the future!

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Definitely. I hate changing my skin on Mellka only to have her bio glove still glow/shoot green.

Same here. I think a simple effects change to recolors on an upcoming patch would make me far more into the characters.