Hero skins question

Hi guys,

I was scrolling the forum for a bit and saw that as a pre-order bonus you’d get 5 golden skins for 5 heroes.
Now I’m wondering, is the skin system going to be BL2 like (You earn skins as you find them in the world as drops) or are they exclusively going to be through DLC and what not?

I couldn’t find any other topic that stated my question, so I thought to ask the community :smile:


I think @Jythri explained this somewhere before, where skins are based on your rank and unlocking them maybe?

This is correct. It was said in a Post and on a video if i remember correctly. That every time your character lvled up outside of a game it would get upgrades on helix Tree and unlock new skins,

I’m pretty sure you get skins by playing certain character a lot.

However i assume these preorder skins will not be unlockable that way.

The golden skins wont be unlockable as far as we have been told. It wouldn’t make much sense to have them unlockable when there a Pre-Order bonus.

Theres a whole video series of GBX answering questions just like this one on their facebook page. Start there before creating new threads to questions that have long since been answered.

Excuse me for not knowing it all. I was just trying to get some more information about the game. Whenever I google a question about battleborn, it won’t search through youtube transscripts, so how am I supposed to know that a dev already answered that question?

Thanks for all the info anyway.

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Well now you know better.

Let’s be nice to each other. Not all of us use Facebook or social media. Posting a link to the video that is on Facebook would be a nicer way to go about it than berating him. ScrappyMe said he searched the forums, and I think that is what is expected, not searching Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Youtube, Instagram, Randy P.'s mailbox, etc. Gearbox isn’t consolidating all the game info in one place, so of course people are going to have trouble finding it.


Wow I am disappointed. Not a cool way to treat someone.
My apologies @ScrappyMe
This forum and it’s members are usually much kinder and not so rude. Please don’t let it spoil your time.


I agree with the prettiest moderator :wink:

Thank you and I don’t feel offended because this one guy was giving information although he did it in a rude sort of way :). Anyway, if someone could link me the dev talk he was talking about, that would be great :slight_smile:

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Yeah, where are these dev talks?

We should get a thread with every video all in one place if that’s possible.

And I wouldn’t worry about making a new thread for a question you don’t see an answer to, unless it’s the same thing over and over I doubt this section of the forum will become in-undated (until the public beta)

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Have any character skins been released yet. I don’t use social media so I’m relying on Battleborns news updates and forums to get as much info as possible.

afaik only the golden pre-order skins have been announced. I too don’t use social media and this + main page is the only information I can get, in combination with mentalminds his fanpage. (Love his discussions) :smile:

Aw that sucks hopefully they will release some more after the CTT.

Actually, there is a Marquis skin revealed too, with a white suit. It appear in a few videos on youtube.

Like this one:

Oh nice spot! Didn’t spot it myself! It seems to be similar to Marquis his default skin, which makes me wonder about the same system that Blizzard uses in Heroes of The Storm. If you get to a certain hero level, you are able to buy a skin that looks similar, but with more details, like this one. I hope they implement a system like HoTS uses ^^

Not everyone has access to Facebook nor follow every single thing of Gearbox.

Calm down with your “you know better” attitude.

… anyway

about the skins… I suppose you will also unlock new ones via Achievements?
Or all will be either DLC and/or Experience unlock?