Hero Viability in Capture

I like all the game modes in Battleborn, including Capture which has enough dna from the other two modes injected into it to feel distinct even as the most traditional shooter game type.

But I find myself playing it less and less compared to Meltdown or Incursion for a pretty simple reason: none of the heroes I like playing as perform well on that mode. And the thing they all have in common is that they are all slow burners. In the other game types, they spend the beginning of the match keeping their head down, clearing waves, creating buildables, and harassing while avoiding feeding the enemy team, until they get enough levels/gear activates to start playing aggressively or being a persistent presence on the front line.

In Capture, where there are no minion waves, buildables are difficult to maintain because of an overall lack of shards, and matches lasts at best half as long as the other game types, these heroes are at a distinct disadvantage against those who have a strong start that evens out as the match continues and often times they never even hit that stride.

And while the mob spawns facilitate quicker leveling with high EXP rewards, this is still in the favor of heroes without this issue, as they can clear these mobs quicker and continue to control the map.

It all ends up making Capture feel dull compared to the other game modes, as both teams will inevitably end up with very similar compositions. Which makes me think there ought to be some adjustments to the mode made to eliminate the handicap a good chunk of the cast has.

The most obvious solution I could think of was to raise the starting level when playing on capture. If it was even just to level 3, that leaves many characters only a couple levels away from hitting that crucial turning point in their performance. Raising the number of shard spots or the frequency of their spawning would be an option as well.