Heroic sacrifice

Simple here pick your top three battleborn you think would sacrifice themselves for everybody else and explain if you would like

  1. Montana
    Why: montana is pretty much the most caring person who puts all others safety above his own, I can easily see giving some battleborn a chance to escape varelsi hordes while montana holds then back, with oscar mike getting depressed at what happens yet know montana died happy knowing he protected the people he loved

Why: benedict has lost most of everything, including his family. In his final hours I can see him find redemption and atone for how he treats the other battleborn, going out like montana similarly, and finally seeing his kids and circinae.

Why:now let me explain, the reason I see this happening is it seems the battleborn are people he may actually have a soft spot for. I can see him and the battleborn stuck in a big facility that the varelsi have overrun, and in a twist tells everyone he will sacrifice himself by activating a self destruct sequence and tell the battleborn to run as he does, yet acting like he is only doing it because he is old, yet in the end looking at a picture of him with the battleborn, having a tear in his eye, not of cowardice, but a sad happiness knowing he is saving people he cares for, and as the varelsi almost reach him as he listens to classical music with a tear in his eye, the facility explodes,leaving the battleborn sad for the person they once thought they hated

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Well for one, Galilea is immediately obvious. She already wants to die. She would JUMP at the chance to sacrifice herself for others, and as she joined the UPR to find a purpose, this would be two birds with one stone. Reyna would be high up there. She protects people. Not much to say on this one. I don’t agree with Benedict or Kleese, as I think you’re looking for some good in them that isn’t there (not saying there is none, just not sacrificially)


ISIC ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°). He was going to sacrifice the universe from the horrible unethical monsters that run it.


I agree with @epicender584, Gali would be one on my list.
Two would be Mike or Montana for similar reasons as you.
Three would be Ghalt, go down with the ship type thing.

Honorable mention would be Miko, he could probably do some baby Groot thing and come back from the dead.

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Deande. She has risked her life and her reputation (which is very important to the elitist Jennerit) countless times to betray Rendian and spearhead the Battleborn, among other things such as the Third Thrall Rebellion and rescuing Caldarius. She’d die in an instant given the choice between her life or the life of another Battleborn.

On that note, Attikus and Caldarius. They literally have nothing to lose by dying and prefer to fight on the front lines where death is a possibility, even sometimes seemingly an inevitability. I think Ambra is the only Jennerit who wouldn’t be so quick to put herself in harms way to save another. Rath was a Keeper of the Blade for millennia, literally a bodyguard, dying is an occupational hazard, possibly even a job requirement, he’s probably the most honourable of the Battleborn.


Why trade the sun for a group of sniveling and gnashing whelps!?!

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Ghalt would - Captain goes down with the ship.

Rath probably, considering he was a Keeper for a while - dying would probably be considered part of the job.

Caldarius definitely would - he’s a shock trooper for goodness’s sake, he’s supposed to die.

Can’t think of anyone else at the moment.

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With benedict I expect it to be after some revelations on what happened to his family, and with kleese, it is simply because he is old, and sees himself as miserable, him sacrificing himself would be the one of the few loving things he has done, as in heliophage he actually says he loves all the crew (or at leaSt ghalt, deande, mellka, and reyna)

Come on guys, Oscar Mike does it for the Bros.


Kid Ultra anyone? Even though he’s under psychosis and possibly dementia, I’d say his whole superhero complex would mean he’d be more glad to sacrifice himself than any other battleborn.


I still wouldn’t see him sacrificing himself. More going on rampages against what happened to his family and such.
I really don’t think Kleese would either. He values himself too highly, unless it was very specifically where he was the only person who could save them, someone more… expendable would make more sense, wouldn’t you agree?

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On Benedict. There is no way he would sacrifice himself. He still holds on to the hope that his wife and five kids are alive somewhere among the refugees and wouldn’t risk abandoning them as long as there was a chance that he would see them again.

On Kleese. Just by his lines of dialogue from teleporting and leaving base after teleporting, I’m going to say no, he would not sacrifice himself. “I’ll be back… whenever I feel like it” “oh the others are so doomed with out me, ha ha.” and such. He really doesn’t care about them more than himself.

I think Alani would be willing to sacrifice herself. She never had many friends and the ones she met among the battleborn are undoubtedly very dear to her.



The final “I’m helping!”


I almost teared up myself reading the Kleese scenario.


Honestly, though, I think ANY of the Battleborn would be willing to do it if the circumstances called for it.

I think that inner core of heroic good (no matter how well concealed by any given character) is what brought the Battleborn together to do what they do in the first place.


for Galilea. I don’t think she’d want to die before having pants explained to her. By Galilea.



And for Ambra to then explain how ALL THE SHIRTS must be tucked firmly into pants.


ISIC would be the one to sacrifice every battleborn while making them look great on his wall and on fire.


With benedict, while I can see him going rampage, I lean toward more of him being in a state of sorrow if his family really is dead, I can see himself sacrificing himself selflessly after these revelations and hoping to see his family in the afterlife

I understand the whole kleese thing, and while his teleport lines are selfish and or cowardly, his other lines actually have him look down on himself in his age and physical condition. One line that really caught me was in the heliophage, where he admits he loves the crew and means it too, not a trace of sarcasm in his voice

When I think about sacrifice, I think I was looking at characters who would do it selflessly and meaningfully. For example, your pick galilea is very accurate, but when I think of her sacrificing herself, I see it being unnecessary and “selfish” (do you know a better word, because she has good reason wanting to die) caldarius is similar too in that way

@blainebrossart1 if you like to see

Also @FlamesForAll thank you for appreciating my kleese scenario

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The UPR guys, they are the Heroes.

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Am I the only person who immediately thought “Kelvin”

He’s so nice, and he is extremely overprotective… And I just think he would do everything for the other guys. The most dramatic goodbye to Miko… Yeah, I can see that happening. I’d probably cry.

And def Kid Ultra.

Other than that… Idk… Ghalt? He would sacrifice himself for the other UPR guys for sure. Same with Reyna and the rogues. Not sure if Reyna would sacrifice herself for all the Battleborn though,

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