Hex + Flakker build

I’ve played Moze before nerf and 60 lvl with Hex + Flakker build. Now I heard about the nerf and level cap is hugher. I wonder if this build is still viable? On what skills should I spend skill tree points after 50 lvl? Are there any builds which are drastically better?

Not sure how viable that still is, here is a solid list by the best in the biz.

Hex isn’t really the to-go option for Moze anymore since it does no longer work with Vampyr (the grenade you are instead looking for is a Cloning Maddening Tracker which is a tad annoying because there’s no reliable way of obtaining one, it’s a random roll that has very low chances to actually drop).

Flakker is still usable, but for from being considered a top tier option, particularily since Moze is more about mag size increases than reloads.

This isn’t necessarily true. The CMT is the top tier grenade, but can take time and luck to acquire without trading. The CMTs main drawcards, healing and consecutive hits anointment upkeep can be achieved in other ways now that the skill trees have been updated.

The Hex can however be found quite easily in vending machines. Look for a MIRV version minimum, preferably with the recurring or mirvtacular prefixes. For anointment, look for the 25% on grenade throw bonus.

Combine this with a Mindsweeper class mod, a scourge rocket launcher, A pearl of infinite knowledge or a victory rush artifact with a+50% mag size roll and an Amp rolled Big Boom Blaster shield.

If you invest points in the blue and green trees to their capstones you’re will have what is referred to as a zero ammo build Which is what I would consider the spiritual successor to the old Hex + Flakker build.

Even if you run out of Reserve ammo, the ability to spam grenades and natural regen of the build soon gives another round to fire.

Weapons to look for include the Plaguebearer, Sandhawk, Kaoson, Miscreant or Hornet.

I never said you can’t make a build around it at all, just that it’s no longer what you would generally consider “meta”.

If you are on PC, I have a few spare Cloning Maddening Tracker grenades. Both are ASE anointed. One with Cryo the other with Corrosion.

Sure. I agree. I thought it might be helpful to point out that the Hex still has its uses because OP mentioned it and they’re easier to obtain.