Hex & tesla grenade "fix" also applies offline... Why?

As of the BH patch, none of the tesla grenades count as grenade damage in OFFLINE mode.
Honestly not a big fan of this stealth nerf, but putting in in OFFLINE is just salt on the wound. I think there’s a huge crowd in the community would at least like to play it offline.

If calling things a “bug” and “unintended” grants you a pass on 1. Not putting a nerf in the patch notes, for whatever reason and 2. Permanently forcing a change into the base game, then I don’t think I would be buying any of the DLC’s, as I am losing interest in trying to come up with a build anymore.

Would love an explanation on this and maybe revert the changes. The means of destruction timer that was supposed to be for GRENADE ammo only still hasn’t been fixed and it’s been a month, please address those problems before tampering with OFFLINE gameplay. Thank you GB.


Are you aware who owns the intellectual property and rights to this game? Are you also aware that ownership of those things gives them the right to change whatever they see fit, and also allows them to do so without announcing it if they see fit? If you don’t know all that, you do now. If you did know that, you’d know that you aren’t owed anything by them and therefore would be aware that this post is pointless.


…‘That this post is pointless’ Is about the only that is relevant.

OP was simply asking for such changes to be shown in the patch notes. Having to play offline to get the ‘better’ version of this nerf train-wreck game really should not be so.


All hotfixes get rolled into permanent updates at some point, unless they exist solely to enable a special timed event. It’s the way Gearbox has done things since BL2.


Sorry i forgot that it’s 2019 and none of us actually owns anything we pay for, sorry for being an entitled consumer. Master Gearbox please go on about beta testing this game.


Did gearbox also release this much game altering balance change for BL2?

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Yes, they did. Lots of tweaks and some major changes from launch to the last major update in fall 2015 (and a few hotfixes after that as well.) And folks got just as upset about those.


One of the most play style altering change I can see here is the bee fix.

  • Fixed bug causing Tediore reloads to get Amplify shield damage bonuses for each round remaining in the clip.
  • Amplify damage from Amplify Shields is now divided among all projectiles fired from a single shot.
  • Balance adjustments to “The Bee”

And that arguable doesn’t change the core function of the Bee, the amp damage was still at a level where it’s viable in the end game, hell people still use it after 7 years. It didn’t break any builds and affect any skill interaction. Most of all, it was listed in the patch notes.

This grenade patch however denies any tesla grenade as a grenade. The secondary effect of them won’t gain any benefits from grenade and splash damage modifiers, and they won’t trigger any skills that require the two.

Did this fix to the Hex offline just occur? I haven’t been offline in several days .

If you read the addendum at the bottom of the current patch notes, the change to the correct designation (AoE/beam) for these items resulted in unintended consquences elsewhere in the code, which is why things are the way they are now. I do not believe GBX will leave things that way. However, since this was introduced by a patch (not hotfix) it will have to be adjusted by a patch. We know there’s another one coming up for the Maliwan event; the big question is whether the necessary changes for the grenade issue can be worked in before that patch needs to go to Sony and MS for certification.

October 24th patch notes - see either the BL3 support page or the thread in the BL3 News section here.

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The addendum doesn’t say it was unintended, only that the implications weren’t fully communicated by the patch notes.

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Having to play offline to get the ‘better’ version of this nerf train-wreck game really should not be so.

sadly this is the truth. You get a much more fun gameplay when playing offline and way more XP + annointed drops that have no terror in it.


This is the truest statement I will read today. It’s very unfortunate for a online/co-op game.

Overnerfing things isn’t just a Gearbox thing. if you guys want to witness overnerfing, check out EA Battlefront 1 and 2.

Ok, but careful this are two different genres.

Battlefront 1 & 2 are PvP based. In PvP it is mandatory that everything is extremely balanced to not give the player an unfair advantage over the other in the competition.

Borderlands 1-3 are only PvE. There is no player vs player and this means an overpowered weapon as a very rare legendary drop is okay.

It is something that you strive for since here the goal is not to beat the other player but to kill mops in the coolest most efficient way on the highest difficulty.

If you balance Borderlands 3 too much you remove the reason for the grind and frustrate a lot of players who have broken builds that just stop working because a central element has been nerfed by 70%.

Balance is one thing but nerfing stuff to oblivion is another. EA loves to release overpowered things that later become buggy or useless that pretty much stays that way forever. Anyways, let’s hope Gearbox isn’t like that

Just because you buy it, doesn’t mean you own it. Unless you buy the entire game (AKA pay however many millions of dollars you would need to buy the copyright, intelectual properties, wages, all of that), you are under their contract.

Even if you buy tickets to a museum, you cant touch the paintings.

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Ahhhh THANK YOU!!!
I didn’t know that there was addendum in the patch notes, confirming that some changes were “unintentional” this is great news…
Ok now hopefully this will get the knots out of some peoples panties (including mine).
Now we just have to be a bit patient and wait for a rework. (I have no problems with that).

A patch alters the core code of the game permanent like, at least until another patch.

Once you patch the game that’s that. Got fixed are applied every time you load the game. Those hotfixes eventually become part of a patch so they don’t need to be applied every time.

If you are on PC, you have the option of rolling back to an earlier version (this is what speed runners do) fairly easily.

If you are on consoles, you are kind of screwed if you don’t have a disk. You would have to uninstall, re-install from the disk, not update the game. Even then your save file may not work with the old version of the game.

No it’s not. It’s okay for the people that have them, but those that don’t are hosed.

It is not just a single player offline game. You may play by yourself offline, and that is fine, but many of us don’t. It is not fun when joining a group and feeling useless because others are just wrecking everything on screen.

People like you should come to accept that.

It is a multiplayer game. It encourages you to play with others by putting more enemies, increasing drop rates, having special bosses that could only be summoned multiplayer, that had unique cosmetics and loot.

The key word there is broken

If you like the way things were, uninstall, re-install, then never update the game. It is perfectly ok for you to do that.