Hex & tesla grenade "fix" also applies offline... Why?

ITT - People telling you how to enjoy the game.

My advice is to wait a little bit for the disc to get stupid cheap used at Gamestop and play vanilla from the safety of a non-patched game.

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I apologise, but I’m not sure what you are responding to. Also what is ITT?

Generally I’m responding to people that say this nerf or that nerf is warranted and we should enjoy the game we are given.

And ITT means “In this thread”


Ahh, thank you. I got the notice it was a reply to me but got confused about it.

Much appreciated.

i have no issues with gearbox adding. removing, patching and nerfing. problem is they do it in a …grenade fashion when it comes to dealing with offline and online, with no consistency

i have loaded all so called patches since the start. like the recent one that reduced reflect to 5%, but offline reflect is still 30%. imo since i downloaded all patches, when i play offline or online there should be no difference. i should be getting the same XP, etc bonuses. weapons/items/builds that are nerfed when online should not be un-nerfing offline. if i do M3 Slaughter shaft online i get maybe 20% xp bar, i do the same offline and i complete the XP bar 5-6 times rewarding 5-6 guardian rank tokens.

i have skins, items and weapon recolors that were part of the $99 deluxe package i paid for, only work online. i had to load a huge patch bloody harvest event, only works online…why? two heads from the event only appear online.

Except they’re not correct, the addendum doesn’t say it was unintended.

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No it’s not. It’s okay for the people that have them, but those that don’t are hosed.

Why?! I mean I don’t have a legendary Hex Mirv for example. Am I hosed because someone else got a better grenade mod then I do?

Isnt the games goal to have the best gear possible? Of course if someone has better gear than me he will perform better. But why should I care for my personal game? Its not an MMO! And its also not that a have to play against players with better gear.

From time to time I play with others. Some have better gear, some don’t. As long as I have the possibility to farm for it I’m totally fine.

The key word there is broken

A weapon is not “broken” because it performs better. Its a LEGENDARY. Therefore it is supposed to have an edge over others. Even over some other legendaries. Remember the Hellfire from BL1? This was totally OP and fun at the same time. Nobody complained in a coop game whining about that this gun is better then others.

Instead of nerfing it to oblivion add alternatives to the game so that players dont have their builds crushed. In the long term players will then switch automatically. Other wont but its called diversity. That is the keyword.

Its not Destiny, its not Battlefield or Battlefront its Borderlands!


I hate when people say ■■■■ like this…

Heres a reply i have on another post:

To say it’s BROKEN you gotta put it in the perspective of mayhem 3, and how hard it is for the majority of the player base.

The spawn rate of badasses and anointeds are so high, usually like one small mobbing area you’d get about 4-5 badass zealots, each of them with a rocket launcher that chunks away half of your health (as a 38k shield moze), at pin point accuracy, while being a bullet sponge with a large shield bar, even larger armor bar and health. If a player doesn’t have enough DPS to take them out before getting direct hit with 20k damage rockets * 4, they are just gonna drown in explosions.

The hex was not BROKEN at all, the damage is constant and you don’t have to aim, but it takes too long to kill a badass. With the blast master class mod then it becomes something, but you lose survivability. Most importantly the synergy it had with ammo regen skills are so good, that players can non stop firing, meaning less down time and more shooting. I would need about 27 vladoff rockets, along side with the hex dealing side damage, to kill an anointed enemy. You only get like 48 heavy ammo for max sdus.

When I play MH3 Slaugter shaft, i usually opt for the blast master, because without it it just takes way too long to kill. But without blood letter I’d go down at least 15 times before i can reach round 5.

You’d really have to use some of these Builds and so called “BROKEN” guns at the hardest game setting before you say they are unbalanced for the game. Things like lyuda might have high dps but the ammo usage is so high making for a lot of down time, flakker have a really wonky aim distance and you’d end up killing yourself alot, they all have some kind of tradeoff, its not a 1 button auto win.

And considering challenging gameplay, i dont think hiding in a corner to empty 10+ mags into 1 enemy really counts as challenging either, most of the time you cant even dodge some of the badass and annointed attacks. Personally i really like the flow of a fast paced mob clearing because it feels satisfying. Also if you want challenge theres 5 tiers of gear you can choose from, do a all white no skill pt if you want to make things hard, its just not for everyone.


Haven’t gone back to read it. (just me being lazy)
Is this addendum the one that said something about the Quasar not functioning properly for a grenade kill challenge? (or something to that effect)
Because if that’s the cryptic addenendum that’s being referred to, I’m going back to knots in my panties…

I think this is one of the main points. The players complaining about its effectiveness have probably not played on that level.

You get a lot of gear that seems useful before. But in the end when you play the endgame most of legendaries become useless. There is a small pool left and that is the one the player base concentrates on.

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It’s not just one item, I’ve been online with two UGM’s at once and I just did couldn’t do anything. It was boring, and it’s not unusual to end up getting paired with at least one person with a “broken” build.

Yes, and there is no problem with that until anything you do is pointless because of that build.

It’s still very boring for those of us that are, at times, teamed with people who, through luck or having more time, are geared up to be gods.

There is a difference between having an edge and fancy abilities, and completely dominating a battlefield.

Sure, but it was never so dominating that you didn’t need to aim or make others feel useless.

Neither was Hex spam, unless you were playing easy content. And at that point basically any decent build does what you’re saying. You could do TVHM M3 slaughter shaft or proving grounds with nothing but your grenade, but it would be half as fast as playing normally, or worse.

I mean, Moze still can spam Hexes infinitely, she just has to be shooting stuff with an ogre at the same time. If that was the problem, this change didn’t solve it.


Things they could’ve done to fix this:

  • Fixing the vfx, the screenshake, particle effects and bright ness. (Honestly this is just an all round fix needeed even just for enemy who use rocket launchers. I can agree with how nade moze make you go blind)

  • Reduce the damage of related grenades (which they’ve already done)

  • Introduce matching systems that let you see the lobby’s player’s gears, and or let you ban certain items from joining your game.

They way they actually went about adressing this proble:

  • Your grenade isn’t a grenade
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You know what the funny thing is?

Virtually all VHs have an infinite nade build.

so why moze? when moze is the one that’s intended to have a infini grenade build. (despite how they say in the patch, there’s a LITERAL TOOL TIP in the game that says it.)

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I was responding to someone else but it was broken, even in mayhem 3, thanks to the UG builds.

When the games “most challenging” objective is to beat a mode in 15 minutes but it’s done in 5, well something is off.

I was a nade moze that play on M3. If you are talking about slaughter shaft it takes me around half hour to a full hour to beat it (without sweating and trying too hard). Since im not using blood letter the build still goes down alot, but probably way more damage that vampyr build.

of which mode are you talking about?

slaughter shaft is unbeatable in 5 mins on m3.

Honest question did you ever play on m3?

Because it currently feels like you didn’t. If you play with a guy that has m3 gear / GR he will outclass you every time if you don’t have a build of equal value. Especially if you play with him on m1 for instance.

If I join an m1 game it feels boring for me since I one shot every enemy.

That’s not the full story.

You’re right that it’s not a PvP game but it is an online co-op game. This means OP legendary items still have the full potential to effect the gameplay experience of others.

This means OP legendary drops are only okay within reason, there’s no justification for open slather on being completely OP. If you’re killing everything in an online game and everyone else is getting bored, frustrated or outright angry then your OPness isn’t okay in the slightest.

They paid for the game too and have every right to enjoy it, just like you.

I don’t think anyone truly cares what anyone else does offline but as soon as you take it online people have a right to be miffed about it and doing something about it on gearbox’s end is perfectly justified.

or destiny 2, the king of nerfdome

LOL… Yes the are the Kings.
It makes a little more sense for them with no separate competitive multiplayer and PVE. With rolls that are pretty much static on legendary items also.

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