Hexsanguination question for experienced players

(Judgebeo) #1

Hello folks,

Maybe is in another threat but i was unable to find it :frowning:

anyway, the question is quite easy and see if any experienced player can answer me :slight_smile:

Hexsanguination: Do it stack? I mean, if I apply it with an arrow, and then, a Volley, will have 2 stacks of the DOT damage? or just one of them (first being overrided by the second one?)

Hexsanguination second question :slight_smile: Im almost sure that isn’t boosted but maybe Im wrong: Do you know if Hexsanguination DOT damage is boosted +%Skill damage from gear or from any other source (from Nature’s Curse?).
The question is because its damage cames from an skill, so, i thought that maybe the gear and Nature’s Curse is buffing its damage too.

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

(Master of Eeveelution) #2

Question 1: No stacking, just refreshes the time (8 seconds)

Question 2: No boosts from any sources including level ups, always fixed at 96 damage over 8 seconds (12 every second)

(Ulithium_Dragon) #3

What @Slif_One said is accurate: “no”, and “no”.

Personally I still prefer this helix regardless, though.

Also, the damage is too minimal for the 3rd alternative (helix mutation) to be very useful imo (100% shield pen on the bonus damage).

(Master of Eeveelution) #4

I don’t bother with 100% shield pen, because usually you’ll strip an enemy’s shield just applying curse.

Hexsanguanation is also a much better choice than Hextension, mathematically. If your ult does 500 damage, 25% bonus from curse increases that to 625. Another 10% from Hextension totals 675. As opposed to 625+96 bleed damage.

(Ulithium_Dragon) #5

Right, that and the simple fact that Hexsanguanation’s damage works regardless of if you miss with your abilities! n.nU

(Master of Eeveelution) #6

Indeed, I can’t tell you how many bleed kills I’ve gotten or enemies I flushed out of hiding who otherwise would have had full shields or teleported but didn’t/couldn’t due DoT.

(MaddPatter) #7

Now, I am going to say I am no Thorn main, nor do I have any real experience with PvP so take what I say with a grain of salt, but the math above doesn’t seem completely correct.

What I mean is I don’t think you are looking at it the right way. Hexanguination does 12 damage a second for 8 seconds, which does add up to 96. But, in that same light, you have 8 seconds for that extra 10% damage to do equal to or more than 96. In your example, it is doing an extra 50 damage and you still probably have maybe 4 seconds to get off something else or the Blight left behind by your ult (if you take that) to get the extra 46+ damage in.

I will not deny it is personal preference on the helix, it does take into account how well you can land skills, and the bleed is guaranteed damage that could secure kills. This is just some food for thought.