Hexxus zane corner the "off meta" boyo. current playthrough custom made endgame balance

i will probably maybe i dno… stream a lil more these days anything from fresh play to endgame

you will likely not see me ever use
seein dead
face puncher
hallow pointguardian rank
groundbreaker guardian rank (if i have any inraction that abuses it)
most of m6 exclusives (not because they are too powerful obviously other guns are as well)
pre nerf plasma coils
any exploits

basically i try to play the game mostly as intended and see where it goes

today on the menu there is a m11 cold bore executor setup @Gorbles you might wanna check it out ))

today we had cold bore slaughter shaft run recursion and redistributor made appearance did normal take down which was too easy as expected just forgot to flip the 4 player switch.

sry for mic especially in the beginning i dno how to set anything up just playin


testing dps setup and slaughter shaft

I can see you are looking for a challenge, i am the same. However i refuse to use the barrier dome. Game becomes a joke with it. Also i do not use life steal at all. Takedown with 1 point in salvation almost made me fall asleep facetanking the boss without even barrier up.

Life steal and almost total damage mitigation (dome) remove threat entirely from this game. These should be first avoided for any form of challenge.

yeah but it is same if u go double barrel mantis clone can carry you

and playing sntnl mantis with no life steal is pretty suicidal :d it is hard to lose on zane if you have two working brain cells sadly :confused: i might go back to my custom mayhem 5 no anoints play. you know when you got to endgame it is kina boring to self cuck for challenge. i already have hallow point and ground breaker off if i put topped off off it also makes no difference with commitment. thing is this game is not exactly build on shield recharge base like you can do on axton or maya. these runs are however not for challenge rather assesing how stron n2m ase zane can be without seein dead . as long as you are hitting crits things just disappear. on cold bore executor i am one shotting hardened badasses like no tomorrow that is just wrong

I also do not use double barrel i hate that is was buffed so strongly, only base clone for teleport not dmg, i want to play the game not have the game played for me, so i agree there with you.

A good form of balance i found is having high dmg but low sustain, so you can kill fast but also be killed fast. This keeps the adrenaline rush.
I dont like op stuff but If a hit took skill and setup then its deserved imo, unlike most op stuff you see on build videos smh…

Zane is by far the most skill based character, his main dps is violent momentum which requires speed and accuracy and is rewarding, as long as you are not using easy weapons that do the work for you, sure you can build him to be boring and easy just like any character, but he has the potential to be the most skilled because speed=dmg.

This is what i build him around, my main loadout is monocle, unforgiven, hellwalker, and low lvl ruby for rocket jumping.

literally 5 hours of playing with strangers is more fun than anything endgame

today we are starting core game gear only no guardian rank no anoints allowed playthrough. we will only allow deadman’s hand GR i think it will be fun as ■■■■. preemtpive mirv reloads are disallowed

had a blast

part two

the dreamy jacobs loadout mid leveling

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reaching 65 and contemplating m2. but it would make FFYl impossible

moved to m2 will be proper tough on two player scale so far has been nothing but a pure joy.

the most fun slaughter shaft i have ever done and tests

the hardest take down i have ever done and it is not what you would imagine.

when you are on zane so game blesses you with perfect fl4k com

sure game fl4k is coming real soonish

day 1 testing grimm’s overhaul mod

sorry for bad mic testing grimms overhaul shalughter shaft and maliwan take down 1:17 for SS and mtd rest is bunch of figuring out how to work the mod ;d

@kbk160008 this is a perfect mod for you btw he literally made it so 99% of gear is usable and you do not need to abuse anything anointment related

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testing Grimm’s no mayhem overhaul from ground up

back to streaming today some moded level up through the eyes of fl4k and non purple zane

Twitch some gameplay from previous session

balance is coming along better and better will stream today for quite long as well

slaughter star with purples difficulty seems to pass nicely