Hey baby dahl love ya buuuut

Could dahl get some better weapons please haha it’s my favorite manufacturer since they have a pretty straight forward playstyle which is just run and gun wish they atleast made a better sniper, I know they dont make shotguns but maybe bl3 could change that. Haha idk just something on my mind.

Just came out in the new DLC, pretty legit.

The Boomer, in the DLC, is kind of under-rated I think. Not the best, but pretty usable smg with splash.


Your missing the good stuff then. There are Dahl Diamondback Snipers out there (Purple) with 4 round burst at 1200+ dam, that over 5 k damage and the accuracy on the gun is great. I think it would be one of the best in the game if not for Lyudas


BTW, i have seen some with gear score around 600