Hey Deande, you go to hell

I fall for it everytime. Just when I think I’m going to kill her she disappears, and I realize I was fightning a Holotwin. Curse you Deande!!

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This is why I’m glad I mained Deande for so long, I have an eye for when she cloaks (You can see her activate the skill) and you can often tell the decoy over the real Deande by the attack pattern. She’s the master of deception and that makes her very difficult to kill.


There is a giant red flash when she jumps and then she’ll have huge glowing red eyes and black smoke coming from her… I do not see the issue here… I mean, you should still kill the twin, but still.

It’s not that obvious and only lasts for a brief moment, but yes there are indicators. You’re better to look for her than just focus the twin, chances are she’s behind you or winding up her ult. Avoid the twin and re-position yourself before fighting the decoy instead of a direct engagement, that’s what she wants.

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Master of Deande here, flicking the dust from my shoulder.

btw, her clone bug in Helio is hilarious.

Clone bug? I too am a master of Deande, she was my first and my most played during beta. I MUST know this clone bug! I only played Helio as her once, with a Rath so we could both complete our final lore challenges.

Her clones won’t disappear. I had a run where our Deande had maybe 8 clones active at once. This was before they “patched” the final defense and we steamrolled it with barely any damage to Nova. And the boss? Pfft, forget about it.

I suppose it can be tough to spot at times. I guess it’s easy for me because I have “gamer vision” at this point. As for the twin, that is a pretty good point now that I think about it.

I just had that happen had no idea what was going on then just kept reading my clones and summoning more had 3 out at one point.

Pretty easy to do actually. All you need is the doppelgangup helix at level 10. Use it, and immediately use Holotwin afterwards. I think the game cannot register two Holotwins at any one point, so one of them becomes a permanent bot with your name on it. Even funnier, it works in PvP too! :laughing:

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