Hey Fellow Vault Hunters!

Hey Fellow Vault Hunters! playing online with 3 other Vault Hunters, killed The Angel and when we went back to turn in challenges, went to Sanctuary, Marcus opened door one of my fellow players closed it, I lost connection or was kicked from game? since then have been unable to find Sanctuary and it has disappeared from fast travel? Please Help :smile:

It sounds like you are now in your own game, at the beginning of Bright Lights Flying city. In which case, you will need to complete the story through The Fridge to Highlands to Overlook before you can get back to Sanctuary. Check the mission list in your inventory for confirmation. Note that, if you completed those missions in co-cop, fairly soon after you start them solo you should get the “skip ahead” option to catch up back to the end of the Angel mission.

as he said. You were in their game which was a little ahead of your own game, ck mission list and start playing the main mission, at some point a screen will pop up asking you if you want to skip the missions already played, click yes and it will jump you ahead to where your progress ended in the other game

pretty much what I did today, played through with some other guys and it worked, thank you for your help mate :smile:

All done thank you :slight_smile: