Hey GB........Lets spice this up a bit!

I love the special events…double XP, double credits, etc…THANK YOU!

And the drop rate increase for legendaries is GREAT!

And the way you guys are working so hard to tweak, adapt and support this game is exemplary.


How about a BUNCH more shift codes for loot packs. In BL2 I got some golden keys virtually EVERY week and it really made for fun times as the gear helped me to try out different things and was the hook to get me to play.

And why not a special event EVERY week:

Extra shift codes
More Double XP events
More Double Credit events
Free Skin
Play certain maps get TRIPLE credits
Legendary drop rate on a certain boss increased DRAMATICALLY
Charecter based special events
Heck you name it…let your imagination go wild…

Something NEW every week to entice players to keep playing or start playing.

It’s a great game…this will help get more folks playing it.


eh, i dunno, im getting kinda tired of having to put in all of these new fangled codes, what I would like to see is more skins added to the marketplace that I can actually earn by playing the game with credits and not platinum. Im sure I will end up coughing up the money to get some platinum to get a few of those skins, but I just generally dont have the cash to blow on em. It kinda seems like they “borrowed” a ton of stuff from how SMITE is set up, and they have a ton of skins you can buy with currency that you earn by actually playing their game, having it where you can only get the platinum by spending real money just feels like they are only motivated by getting more funding than they are interested in encouraging people to play the game everyday, or at all with the disconnect issues they seem to have.

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Whelp…got a brand new SHIFT code for an Epic Loot Pack thanks to my Bud Jac… ZKKBT-Z5XCC-S55X3-FW6JT-3JBZT


All four items had red negatives…All FOUR!

I’m not making this up…

Sigh…I can’t win LOL

But if they are the “right” negative values ( - heal power for OM) then that’s good right? Lower shard cost for the positive effects…

Or were they all -reload speed?

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No negative heal power in the bunch…LOL

You are right…I keep the negative heal power ones.

-reload only affects, like, 10 people, maybe. negatives make a lot of gear better because you can activate it faster.

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