Hey GB, wtf are you guys doing?

my reply to joe
i realize i was a bit harsh. hw has been my favorite game for nearly 16 years now. i am just frustrated and confused as to what is happening on your end. forgive my bad attitude in this regard. i will try a different approach to get the answers i am looking for.

feel free to remove the topic completely.

We see a LOT of talk.

We have seen two updates in just over a month, with more coming.

You need to sit down and pay attention.


‘meaningful updates’

How about we post a forum rule “do not post while really drunk”?

Yeah sure you can just sit on sofa and yell and everything fixed just like that.
We had a buggy moment at start of launch but aren’t we already past that stage?


‘moving goalposts’

I think that would eliminate a lot of people from posting

i am a developer myself, no armchair warrior here. im not drunk, just very disappointed with the state of the game at this point. to me , this is an alpha, not a beta

read the OP

Here’s the problem: Talking like you are doesn’t get ■■■■ done. Just makes people laugh at you


u are right to a degree, just frustrated at the state of things currently.

Closing in…

I understand, but you just have to be…diplomatic about it

if you view my post history, you will see that i was. even defended them in some ways.

but how do you launch a beta, where players are asked to test, without a lobby?
how did they miss something as major as hw1 formations?
where is the MP balance mod? it’s just a mod right? there are hw mod vets that would have had this fixed daily. i’ve seen it.
how does the game launch, with so many bugs in single player, that in some cases, missions could not even be completed.

just a bunch of little things that don’t quite add up to me. aren’t these guys supposed to be hw lovers? did they even play test the game first? how did you miss hw1 formations? or missile vets in gravs, or insane kami damages, or bugged cols. not even talking about balanacing.

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Edited: I have nothing nice to say. So instead, I’ll say nice things.

Buttercups and rainbows!

considering I’m talking about this thread, kind of irrelevant.

think want you want. it is true

I didn’t read your forum name. Once I saw it, I realized you do know coding.

Being an administrator/moderator on another forum, I do have to say that this particular thread is kind of useless. It’s not constructive or encouraging and degrades the atmosphere.

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We have a forum for discussion, lobbies are a little out of fashion and require attentive moderators.

scole has been posting his progress with it. I can’t disagree with your impatience, because it seems like the workforce is very limited after HWRM’s release.

Probably because merging HW1 into HW2 wasn’t a simple task and they simply ran out of time. Not the finest of practices it’s true, but it’s not that bad. They are still supporting the game at this time so don’t get out your pitchfork yet.

Homeworld was not even supposed to surface again, I can’t even fathom why they would buy the Homeworld IP. Someone must have liked it.

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i may seem ignorant, but my post is doing exactly what i wanted it to do… get attention. when GB see it, they will an unhappy customer. i develop games myself, and when people get nasty, i do pay attention. regardless of what a jerk they are, or how immature they act. their words (if true) still cut deep. they motivate me to fix whatever it is i f’d up. sad, lame, ghey… but effective.

i will be the first to sing their praises and apologize publicly, when i get a working game.