Hey Gearbox! A couple of things

As I wade thru the swamp of endless complaints by people whining on about this and that, an idea came to me. Why not start a contest where you solicit ideas for the next Borderlands game! So many here seem to have endless ideas for improvement! Why not turn their creativity into reality?
Additionally, the artwork in these games is beyond fantastic. I believe very under appreciated. This may sound stupid, but I’d like to be able to temporarily toggle off the carnage and take a walk through these areas to admire the depth of the scenery without worrying about baddies jumping me.
Is there any possibility of this being added as a feature?

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Feedback is likely already shaping the future of the game and series. GB is definitely paying more attention than before.

Regarding the art. I agree and it’s a pity that many of the Mayhem 2.0 effects overwhelm the underlying assets and trample over the original look, even ignoring the headaches, even ignoring the readability problems they cause for gameplay. (Ahem, regarding that bit about GB listening to feedback…)

Many of the “people whining on about this and that” have legitimate complaints, many stemming from Day 1 launch.

GBX has received a lot of ideas, feedback, and concerns, without showing much interest in addressing them. Why would they run a contest? They already have a legion of beta-testers who are already paying for the “privilege”.

The artwork is amazing though, I’ll give you that. You could always gear up on Mayhem gear, then play non-Mayhem mode. The baddies won’t be a problem and you can clear them out in no time with simple builds on any VH.


I’m sure you know that, after a year, there’s people that still can’t run the game properly because of stability issues?

I don’t know how old you are, but pretty soon you’re gonna realize no one should work for free.

So, tying these two concepts together. You see people complaining about things that are disappointing or utterly wrong, for a game that was paid in full and have been beta testing for a year.


As the person who’s making a comment like this you’d probably not care, but why start your idea pitching by trying to provoke anyone who take the time to voice their concerns and point at the problems the game has? Besides this is literally the official forum of the company, they don’t need a contest to read through their own platform for the feedback.

As for the second part, I’d imagine that making a “no enemies” mode is such a niche request that I’d be amazed if something like that would come out, especially with so many more pressing matters that need to adjusted, such as people not being able to admire the scenery because their game crashed. Most people just shoot the enemies and then have a look around if they want to take in the environs or go into photo mode.


What makes you believe that? The devs are nowhere to be seen on this forum

I mean a lot of complaints have been addressed. We got more storage space. Mayhem got less random, before getting a complete reboot (that a lot of people dislike, me included). Pets were made more end game viable. Drop rates and loot pools are slowly improving.

It’s a fair criticism that many of these GB should have anticipated and addressed before shipping the game (this is not their first Borderlands game after all), but that’s a separate issue.

E: and with the response GB representatives sometimes do get on these boards, it’s not surprising they don’t show up much.