Hey gearbox! add a competitive mode to battleborn

As a long time Battleborn player, I’m really tired of playing public match. I want a new competitive mode were if you win you get MAJOR: xp, loot, and character rank, get all of your credits back and get 20,000 more credits, and lastly get a lot of epic/legendary loot. But if you lose you get: no xp, lose loot, less character rank, and not get your credits payed back. It could be in a form of brackets and once you get to the final round, you put it all on the line. The way to get into comp. is being: at least level 50, pay a $10,000 credit fee, and have a full team.

This game doesn’t have the player base to support that kind of competitive mode.

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Never gonna happen


Cheese this is extreme. I don’t think any game, even with Overwatch level population, could pull off anything like this

I want a ranked mode. Not “Crush My Spirits” mode ;_;


Would you accept a “Crush My Spirits” mode if there was also a “Hug It Out” mode?

Personally I want a roguelike hardcore mode. When you die, the game resets your command rank to zero, erases all your items, and spits in your eye…

No, but seriously, I get how public match can become tiring. I really think just introducing some kind of ranking system is the way to go though. We don’t have enough playerbase for too many specialist queues/modes.

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Darkborn souls 3: The battle for Solus


This a competitive mode or a gambling mode? lol