Hey Gearbox, any chance we could get an "enemy outlines" or "low glare mode" graphics options? It can be difficult to see our targets sometimes. (Pic in comments.)

In this picture I’m facing off against Captain Traunt, and as you can see the particle effects from my weapons fire completely obscures his hit box, even though I’m standing about three yards/a couple of meters away. Being unable to see our target makes gameplay somewhat more difficult than it needs to be, it makes it hard to find an enemy’s crit spot, and I can’t recount the number of times that I’ve been firing at an enemy only to reload and find out that the enemy had long ago moved out of the path of my fire while I was suffering from bullet blindness.

Many other users have reported the same problem, talking about circumstances in which they found themselves unloading a full magazine into thin air without realizing it. This seems to transcend characters as well, Zane’s got glare from his barrier amping bullets, Amara has glare from her tattoos and special effects, Moze has glare when she’s bombing and blasting, and FL4K has glare when he Fades, this is a problem that all characters have depending on their spec and loadout.

Options like “Low glare mode” or “enemy outlines” or “High visibility targets” would go a long way towards improving the quality of the gameplay. It’s really frustrating to say “I like this gun, and it performs really well, but because it blinds me I can’t justify using it.”


I too find myself losing track of enemies to the point of shooting random foliage in the background. (Poor hiding skag pups!)


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of course, i fix this by pointing at the enemies with the target market, but it doesnt help a lot beyond tracking the enemy in the effect light show.

i’d dig some sort of outline indeed


I would pay to remove 90% of particle effect and flashy lights…
Too many effects take away from the graphics and at lower levels, when everything was less covered in effects from skills, modifiers and anointments guns felt more… impactful and satisfying.


Completely onboard with this. Great thread.


This, plus a lot of Mayhem mods make this phenomenon even worse worse. I fought mostly blind vs scraptrap during the Cartel when I had chain gain, freeze tag and buddy system enabled plus beacons going off. I was literally just firing in the middle of the bloom figuring s9mething was at the nexus of all the glare.


I am on board with this as well.
Myself I like shooting things, and I like to see what I am shooting at.
After my GB FL4K is done with DLC3 tonight I will probably park him for a while. I just end up shooting into an area because I can’t see the target due to a)my GB Ball b)my Skag sitting on top of the enemy, and c) the weapon particle effects.

My Flipper on Moze I can’t see any of the enemy while firing it.

Sure these effects look neat, but I myself prefer it cleaner where I can see the actual thing I am shooting at.


All of this! It has been my gf’s biggest complaint and I can’t count how many bullets I’ve wasted dumping into the hillside. Brighter maps aren’t as bad, but enemies blend into the background way too well. It’s not even the particle effects hampering enemy location half the time.

Of course I’ve been running with dazed and infused lately on m10 (splash Moze doesn’t care about elements) and the elemental glow really helps.

Even with that tho I’ll think I’ve finished off a mob just to find a random psycho hiding behind a container. The mini map is no help either. The mission markers overlay everything, hiding enemies and players alike.


Traunt is totally visible in that pic. However you’re aiming at center mass and not at his crit spot… >.>

I have no idea what you guys are talking about. The glare in this game is fine.


Playing this game has trained me to just shoot when I see a health bar. I usually find myself using the minimap and health bars to track and shoot at enemies as often as I use the actual enemies. It works, but I don’t think it’s what anyone signs up for when they play an FPS.


Honestly, this alone should make BL3 one of the worst shooters. Imagine a sports game simulator that plays like,and has the physics of, QWOP.

So yeah I hope they fix it.


Katagawa Jr + Big Head Mode produced some interesting results, at least a few months ago, I only learned that was my problem too late, after I’d gotten frustrated and fed up while farming him.

I often feel like Borderlands 3 is on the verge of being such a fantastic game, but there are so many little, tiny things that are holding it back.


Lol and they have actually dialed back the particle effects from what they once were.


Signed. The gun effects + the mayhem modifiers just creates this special effects vomit splashed across the screen at all times. Not only is it very hard to hit headshots/crit spots but I assume is greatly contributing to the poor performance of the game so it’s a WIN/WIN for GB to take it down a notch or 10.


The lack of visibility is for me one of the biggest problems in the game.
Could we at least have an option to remove damages & critical? It should be easy to implement.

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I was on Reddit yesterday seeing the same thumbnail the post on Reddit tho had over 2.4k likes or maybe 20k at this point does it even matter.

I think it’s a great idea to tone down the visual effects a bit, it can really get on my nerfs and the game would benefit from these changes in terms of performance.

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They added a outline feature with DLC3 when a target is affected by “traitorweed”. You can even see them through walls.

If they applied this effect to every VH while their action skill is active(in zane’s case, all the time) it would go a long way i think.

I tried fade away with a stagecoach once, i don’t think i ever hit anything after my initial shot.


On top of all the effects pollution there is the wonderful billboard of IMMUNE IMMUNE IMMUNE in huge letters shielding whatever you’re shooting at. And since you’re most most likely going to be using multiple elements at once and most enemies are immune to something at M10 that’s what you see on top off all the other crap.