Hey, GearBox - are you actually reading the forums?

Dear Gearbox,

In my eyes you have quite a lot of people complaining about nerfs, but I see no response/threads from devs or CM(s). Just a quick suggestion, why not make a quick poll once you make such drastic changes to see if players like it or not.

While there might be lack of constructive criticism, it is quite deafening to read all the people who are disappointed due to the fact that you’re constantly trying to balance and keep nerfing stuff.

Of course you have different teams working on many different tasks, we get that, but how about you dedicate your community manager to see if people are actualy liking the nerfs in specific?

Like many others, I bought the game with intention to set myself on a path towards “mayhem” get the powerful loot I want and the rest assured, crush the enemies! However, so far it’s been a bumpy road and I’m starting to have mixed feelings whether I should be spending my time farming for equipment with a possiblity of being nerfed in the future or choose a different game.

I really like this game despite its flaws, I don’t want to feel discouraged from farming especially when you’re constantly balancing/nerfing (don’t even get me started by the lack of storage).


They already have our money, they don’t care what we think. They turned all their customers into beta testers. Welcome to Nerflands 3


i feel like they are listening, they just dont have time or thye just dont want to respond outside of the patchnote/hotfixes

I think they dont have time, best way to contact and report stuff is through support ticket

Yes, yes they do.

They just don’t comment much beyond the community manager. It’s always been this way, the only exception being Randy V on the topic of Battleborn, and Botman at the tail end of BL1.

So: please continue to give constructive feedback (within the limits set by the forum rules, if you want your post to be read) here.

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It’s the same crap as the forums, don’t expect anything to be solved.

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One of the few good memories I have from Battleborn was @Jythri (Randy V, the game director) was very active on these forums engaging with the community. He didn’t always tell the players what they wanted to hear, but he was honest. He posted a lot on Reddit as well. I vividly remember madly transcribing his livestream (!!!) of an upcoming patch for these very forums. The thought of such a thing happening now in BL3 being a remote dream makes me sad.

And Botman would appear on the BL2 Reddit occasionally, even well into that game’s lifespan. His cryptic posts were always fun to read — more so for everyone else’s reaction.

The BL3 player base isn’t super happy right now. More communication would be better…not less.

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Yeah they read and listen. In fact, I made a request for better quality of life with shield boosters shields and it ended up getting a decent amount of traction and now about a month later, it was in the patch notes.

I mean coulda been they were planning on changing it anyways? Doubtful though or they probably would have shipped it that way.

If people can flour together a focused and reasonable request I’m sure it will get more attention than sarcasm, threats to leave and just general negativity.

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Best way to make your concerns heard is through sales statistics. Think about this when the first paid dlc arrives!

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