Hey Gearbox, Can we have a legit way to farm the Valentines day guns?

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So in the first afternoon/evening of this event launching I’ve completed the tasks on two of the four characters (Fl4k my main and now at 53, and Moze that I’m levelling up, currently at 38). To do both tasks it only took a bout in the Cistern of Slaughter and for the time being unless you save scum it you only get one of each of the new legendaries.

It’s only around for a week but it’d be nice to be able to earn these like you can with Manufacturer emails. So every 50 hearts broken you get another of one of the guns and it alternates between them (so 50 for the Terminal Polyaimorous and 100 for the Wedding Invitation).

Please, Pretty Please~

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might as well make ghost toggle-able , i h8 a coop game having exclusive

All the event weapons should just be added to the normal loot pool. It’s seriously stupid they can only be earned during events AND it’s even more seriously stupid that the 2 Valentine event weapons don’t even drop. I don’t get why this is a thing. Borderlands 2 did it perfectly with the head hunter DLC’s.

Let us travel to Heck to farm Terror anointed gear at any time, and then have Haunt/Loot Ghosts drop the Halloween gear items. Then add some rare spawn boss that can drop the Valentine event gear. IDC, just make it Traunt with a heart for a head or something, plop him in the middle of Droughts or Nekro or something.

Gearbox really failing hard with these events IMO. Nothing should be event exclusive, for a lot of reasons but most importantly because level cap increases are now a thing.

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Evidently not.

" Here’s the exact response from Gearbox PR directly:
“No, it is not possible to get more than one drop of each Broken Hearts item. That’s actually part of the reason why both Legendary weapons drop at level 53, rather than the player’s current level.”"

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I wonder why I don’t see hearts in some activities (the Takedown, Scraptrap)? I’m most interested in some of the Takedown drops & have been farming that. Doesn’t make sense there aren’t hearts to be earned at the same time?

Needs a poll :wink:

Wow that’s kind of lame. They should have at least made the weapons come with an anointment 100% of the time if you can only get one weapon per character. More short-sighted decisions by GB.

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If a player starts a new character they can get the 100 hearts in somewhere between 2 and 2.5 hours (via the story anyway) if they only do the stuff they have to. Slow going but better than nothing.

Solo you have to have access to at least your bank and somewhere with a lot of spawns but co-op offers a new option. I imagine consoles can bring a new character along in co-op and get it done pretty quick because they can just drag them somewhere with a lot of hearts right off the bat then claim and drop the guns.

Another issue is that it’s kind of silly that not all platforms have the same ability to farm them. This new gearbox is what it is I guess.

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