Hey, gearbox. Can you remove useless objectives?

So many quests have some stupid useless objective that destroy flow of the game. In Borderlands 1 and 2, you ran up to the person, talk to them and go do objective. Here, you go to the objective, talk to the person, PRESS E TO CONTINUE TALKING TO THE SAME PERSON, and then go do another objective. Like what? That’s in multiple amount of quests in the game. Take first 2-3 main quests for example. You had to save Vaughn, you ran up to him, save him, THEN PRESS E TO TALK TO HIM after he literally just spoken with you, and then gives you another objective. So the player just ends up standing there, smashing E button until he can finally run to the next objective. Just remove it, not like I am missing out a good story telling anyway.


3 words: Talk to Lilth :rofl:


Yeah part of why I hate playing the main story :sweat_smile:




I lost count how many times I had to backtrack to some character, because I moved away from them, only for the game to tell me I had to speak to them, even though I was sitting right next to them a few secs ago…

Honestly, at this point, I’m 100% sure these annoyances where intentionally put in the game by the devs to piss their players off…

There’s just no way you would accidentally make something like this and not realizing how utterly stupid it is.


Perhaps this mechanic is put in to artificially extend the playtime to make it seem to be a longer game.


I think non of the devs actually played the game… Most of the patches/hotfixes are broken right out the gate (obviously broken)
And they still push them out…

Mayhem 2.0, broken from the second it launched, took them god know how long to find and start fixing stuff…

Fake grasping was a thing for over a year…

So many things that come across as if they just don’t care…


What works well is when you’re going to rescue Vaughn, and Lilith asks you (I forget if she uses her siren powers or echo) remotely why you’re a vault hunter.

It’s not that I mind the dialogue, it’s that I mind standing still while the characters talk at me. If the next objective could update WHILE they talk instead of AFTER they talk, that’d be a huge QOL improvement.

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The actual reason, by the way, was that it was their solution to people being distracted/talking over NPC dialogue.

Mildly annoying but ok for the first playthrough, extremely annoying past that.

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Bring Vault Key fragment to tannis.

Talk to Lilith.

Best. Story. Ever.


There were so many moments in this one where you just had to stand around and wait for stuff to happen. I don’t remember that happening NEARLY as often in BL2.

That made replaying the story so much more tedious this time around. I did that 30+ times in BL2 and it didn’t get old until like the 12th time. I was pretty much over it after my 2nd cycle in BL3.


Also lilith: hurry up, go to sanctuary but first talk to Ellie

Ellie: Ah vh, we don’t have time to talk, let’s talk when we’re on the sanctuary!

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Remember when you could skip dialogue?

Yeah those were the days.

I agree, and I think you picked the perfect example. It’s a case of click on Vaun, go and loot many chests and then come back and click on him again. Once should be enough.