Hey Gearbox Devs, some people want to know one information from you

I see there are a lot of people lost about this matter, everywhere I go nobody knows a concrete answer to this and is a basic answer we need from you. A simple yes or no is sufficient about this.

I know you are busy doing all the fun stuff we get to play, so I’m going to keep this short and simple.

Play with a team improve the chances you get legendary gear?
Play in Advanced improve the chances you get legendary gear?
Play in Hardcore improve the chances you get legendary gear?

I know when you have the time you will reply this request and because of that, I want to thank you so far.


Yeah, I really want to know this as well. Even some actual numbers in the best case, as I see no reason to hide them from the players, but just confirming or denying those assumptions would be a great start. So please, give us a little insight and put an end to all those wild theories out there!

From personal experience, I have played about 10 Advanced Hardcore mode and gotten 3 legendaries. It might be based on RNG? I too want to know!

This past week in general I’ve gotten 5 legendaries, 3 from normals and 2 from advanced, after pretty much a 4 week drought of only 1-2.

As far as group/difficulty scaling on drop rates, I have no idea. There doesn’t seem to be any correlation from just my own experience.

That’s the problem, everyone have a theory and don’t know how it really works.

Got back to back legendaries from sequential bosses in a 2 man normal mission, soo I don’t think player numbers matter in the slightest

Man I would swear there was a blog post talking about this in general terms, but for the life of me I can’t find it. My google-fu has failed.

25 advanced hardcore solo runs through the sentinel (without finding the chrono key) later, I’d love to have some clarity on this issue. How many tens of hours must be eaten up by inefficient grinding? :wink:

I would like to know this too. So far I only have 3 legendary gear drop for me. Two in normal mode with team mates and 1 dropped in solo advanced hardcore mode on the map experiment. Not sure if its worth playing hardcore mode if the drop rates are the same in normal.

The consensus is no. The few times I’ve done advanced, I didn’t get any legendaries. And… Checking stats… I’ve done 55 missions, and have… 9 legendaries. Most are from playing regular mode. Probably around four, actually. Not most. One from hitting 100 and four from loot packs.
In every similar thread , the consensus has been that no, it doesn’t.

I would love to see some numbers!
… and considering the number of posts concerning that topic, it seems so would plenty of other players.

This has been the experience of most players, yes, but doesn’t that seem odd to you? I mean, shouldn’t higher difficulties be and feel noticeably more rewarding? I really wish we could get some clarity on this issue…

Nothing against the thread, but why do this? It’s better just to say that you want to know something rather than that the community does. That’s all I wanted to add, sorry.


Considering the amount of threads and discussions related to loot drops, their chances and whatnot I think it´s pretty justified to entitle the thread the way the OP did.

… might not agree with the tone, but speaking of the community as a whole on that matter is reasonable.

It’s definitely odd. But it’s gonna get fixed eventually. In the meantime, we get easier runs. Because they’ll probably drop normal and raise the others to compensate. So that increased rate is going to be difficult. Maybe they won’t do it that way, but that’s what I’m expecting.

Yup, that’s definitely a useful info.

35 renegade later I’m starting to feel quite tired of getting whites and greens. Normal ? Advanced ? Harcore ? Public? Private ? number of players ?

While gear isn’t THAT paramount to winning games, it can still confer an advantage, and as such it’s always a bit frustrating when one lucky guy got those allpowerful legendaries and you are still struggling to get even 1 bad.
So yeah more informations about the actual numbers and logic behind drops would really be nice =)

That said it’s often a community effort. Issue is, BB community is quite small, and no pattern seems to have emerged yet. The only way would be playing like 50 games in each normal, advanced, hardcore, mode, and then duo, then trio, etc… Quite a long and tedious enterprise, really.

I just use this nomenclature because here, in reddit, the people I play with, nobody knows and I see discussion everywhere.
Sorry if I offend someone, I was not trying to be aggressive, I already change the title to represent better what I was trying to accomplish.
Since this is basic information I just want to them realize that a lot of people are concerned about this, if there’s a way to get good drops we need to know to not wasting time doing whatever theory we believe.

I like both modes, but some people only like pvp and want the pve gear, nothing more fair to them know how they can spend less time doing what they don’t like.
In my friends list I’m the only one that really like pve, so if I get gear easier in hardcore advanced it’s real good to know, playing solo the fear of dying is astonishing, but if I know that I have higher drop chance I can play with a real goal in mind.

I’m trying just to express the feelings of a lot of people I talk and see discussing about, so, again, I’m sorry.

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