Hey Gearbox devs, what were you smoking?

When you decided to let every single bandit badass have rocket launchers in general? Like did you not realize we can not see anything with all the explosions going on? And no, i’m not turning down my settings.


If you see a rocket launcher badass…run! Xd or shot him in his face with an 500% crit xd with a jakobs sniper! Need Tactx

Sad part is plenty of shotgun tinks run with torgue on top of all that… It’s almost like they feel explosive damage is the only way to kill vault hunters. Hardly any Maliwan troops even use their own manufacturer…

hyperion and atlas troops didn’t exclusively use their weapons either, it was always RNG determined

True enough, but back then manufacturer’s didn’t really have a difference. You couldn’t spot what you were being shot by and the drops haven’t been determined by what they used in any game so far as I could tell.

Just would’ve lent to better continuity now that there’s an emphasis - if they took the time to make troops babe a higher roll for matching companies in this game.

“back then” manufacturers did still make a difference. in BL2 this was the case as well. The point I’m making is that this has been an ongoing feature for some time regardless