Hey gearbox i have a wish

So i live in brazil and here the prices of the games are too expensive, so when i say too expensive its really really expensive. So i want to play borderlands 3 but the problem is the price, i played a lot of borderlands 1 and 2 in xbox 360, and i’m replaying the borderlands 2 on ps4 and just finished the pre sequel, i like the franchise so much and i came here to ask if you guys can give me borderlands 3 for ps4, i never purchased a game in the launch because of the price and i want to fell the sensation to play in the first month of launch to descovery new things with the community, i never felt this sensatiom because i usually buy like 4 years before the release. (Sorry for my english im portuguese and usually dont write that much in english)

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If you want it, you’ll have to buy it like everyone else, I think.