Hey, Gearbox! Some Moze feedback (Suggestions & Questioning)

First of all, thanks. Thanks for listening to us and trying to improve this franchise we all love.

Dont know if Im going to be able to say everything Im thinking as english is not my native language and Im not even sure about the format I want in the Topic. But Im going to try.

I was thinking about creating this Topic for some time now but didnt want to get into the trouble of writing it all on mobile and not even know if you guys would listen to our (my) suggestions and questioning. But seems like you guys really listem to us, and the AS scaling for Mayhem levels and AS damage passive for COMs are really smart moves and two steps in the right direction. But as a Moze player, there are some things that I still Wonder… why? Why, Gearbox?

1. Why isnt Bear Fist melee damage?

I am not into code and this kind of thing really, but would it be this hard to make Bear Fist deals melee damage? I dont think so, as we now have a grenade proccing melee damage and all the benefits it brings.
Bear Fist being melee damage could bring it to viability or close to it, as you guys are scaling melee with Mayhem levels too.
Just think with me for a moment: you guys went to the trouble of reserving the sufix part of Artifacts for legendary effects so we could have all melee options for the prefix. Elemental Stones, Knife Drain… even the legendary White Elephant to match the splash potential. Not to mention passive boosts from the Artifact itself and from the COM.
Would open up a whole new playstyle for Moze and Iron Bear, and it seems what the Hard Points are supposed to do as, unlike the other VH that have three, Moze has one AS.
You guys even went as far as giving us an annoint that can proc Roid upon activating your AS. Really?

2. Why IB can not proc Short Fuse?

See, I am not a Krieg player because BL2 is all about Gaige for me. And Axton. Anyway, as Krieg wasnt required for any trophy, I just never bothered.
But the AS design of both Krieg and Moze seems pretty similar, and what I can see is that Krieg successful into scaling to the late game is the interaction between his AS and his capstones/skills in general.
Release the beast is meant to directly upgrade his AS, while Raving Retribution still triggers and Bloodsplosion can be triggered through Buzz Axe.Bombarbadier. Not to mention the interactions between Bloodlust stacks and his AS.
I this is lacking when we talk about Moze, and it shouldnt in my opinion. Short Fuse can bring the damage output Iron Bear is lacking, or at least a portion of it.
See, Short Fuse alone can bring back the Minigun Hard Point, as the better fire rate could average the damage output with the Vanquisher Rocket Pod due to Short Fuse proc ratio. It would be a matter of choice: sustained damage x burst damage. Basically what we have now with Blast Master x Mind Sweeper.
IB boosting skills do even affect Short Fuse damage, so it seems Just a matter of connecting the points. The path that builds towards Moze would end in the path that builds towards Iron Bear.

3. Isnt IB an Action Skill?

Because seems like the 200% while Action Skill is active is not working properly. This annoint could help to close the gap between Iron Bear and enemies scaling, benefiting all of its Hard Points. Works for all VH , dont know why doesnt on Moze.

4. Is the V-35 a placeholder Hard Point?

When I look at both the V-35 Rocket Launcher and the Vanquisher Rocket Pods I ask myself if it is just a placeholder. The Rocket Pod is plain better, there is really no reason ever to use the grenade launcher.
Looking for all the others Hard Points, doesnt seem that the intention is for the tier 1 to be replaced but for the next to open up a new possibility.
The one way I could think is allowing the V-35 to Interact with Pull the Holy Pin, so the V-35 would have its place in Hard to crit bosses such as Wotan. I thought about it scaling with grenade damage passives but would be way too much, especially in a Mindsweeper setup.

Anyway, these 4 questions are basically the pilars where my thought come from.
You can see Im not talking about additional effects for skills, new AS or anything like it. Every interaction I am talking about is in the game already, we just need to be able to actually use it. Gearbox, seems like you have the Bread and Butter in hands but cant make my breakfast. And Im hungry by the morning! :rofl:
Note that I Dont want you to answer me in this thread, but to ask yourselves these same questions. Seems like Moze is still inside her cage and you guys have the key to unleash her.

But it is not the end. I got some QoL suggestions that could enhance Moze experience overall that I would like to tell you about.

Selfless Vengenace

This skill seems like a downgrade from Armored Infantry. What about allowing Iron Bear to proc it? Seems natural that a Hard Point that reloads after every shot to benefit from it. It wont allow a build around it, but we are going to have a better choice for a tier 1 skill, especially at early stages of the game.

Drowning in Brass and Phalanx Doctrine fix

This is a well known problem by now, but the gun damage bonus from Phalanx Doctrine only apply to Iron Bear when Iron Bear gets the kill.
This only slows down Moze and breaks her Momentum, and I dont even know why. This fix can bring a good damage boost for Shield of Retribution specs, especially with a +5 Phalanx Doctrine COM.

20% grenade chance annoint

Wasnt fixed yet and is extremelly annoying as it is our only way to use grenades while inside Iron Bear. Right now, we have to re-equip the grenade mod before activating Iron Bear. Like, every time.

Well, other than it I think the last round of skills fixes were great and Moze is in a good shape now skill wise.
Im going to leave this open for suggestions and any input the fellow Moze players would like to bring.

Again, thank you Gearbox for listening to us.
I am going to tag @Noelle_GBX because why not? She brings us Gearbox feedback, maybe she can send them our feedback?

Anyway, thanks for reading!


bear fist, scaling with melee should be a thing 100%

you could make the grenade launcher viable if you greatly decrease the fire rate but let it shoot your actual grenade mod


Unless this broke again recently (haven’t played in a while) this was fixed months ago. Drowning in Brass and phalanx work like this

It is working properly. Iron Bear isnt weapon damage, and auto bear isnt considered a part of the active skill. That said it’s not like the on grenade throw -> more action skill damage annointment works either eventhough it explicitly should :unamused:. I wouldn’t be surprised if the supposed bonus action skill damage com roll won’t work later either.

Its even worse than that, it doesn’t gain any benefits from the skills that boosts iron bear’s damage.


Drowning in Brass, Phalanx Doctrine and Desperate Measures are all gun damage and boosts Iron Bear too. I dont see a.reason for this to not work, as it is one of the few annoints that can affect Iron Bear. Would be a really good move, in my opinion.

Just checked and you are right. Between testing the melee artifacts with Bear Fist I forgot to double check this.
Thank you!

Thing is we already have this annoint. Imo, Pull the Holy Pin working with it should be enough.

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hm yea, true
but i need the 25% damage anoint xD
also this doesnt help with the launcher, being useless

imagine, with 1 arm IB fires target softening and with the other arm the piss grenade

Fish Slap doesn’t deal grenade damage either. We got a really good new grenade with the update and it doesn’t interact with grenade damage boosts or Moze’s PtHP! or Vampyr.

I wish Moze could have nice things.

Well, the grenade isn’t good besides the fact, it scales with MELEE damage
Besides that, it’s just a dirty rubber grenade

It’s good if you build around it.

yea, build around melee

I have a cool Moze build using it, works great in M10.

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