Hey guys another Finks Bandit Slaughter 5 video! Zero this time

This time round I must admit I used Legendary Weapons. I felt it was harder with Zero, his lack of shield buffs were getting me killed alot!

Actually here I almost get killed a couple of times (check out 17:20 point), but Moxxi’s fire shotgun made this slaughterhouse pretty easy in the end tbh.

Probably the last one I’m gonna do, f the other VHs! Maya, Axton and Zero are the best :sunglasses:


I feel like it’s totally okay to use Legendary gear for UVHM, isn’t it ? Some purple guns are as effective (if not straight up better) than some Legendaries.

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If there was a stronger positive correlation between weapon effectiveness and rarity, it might matter. If you were rocking a Wanderlust, Volcano, Logan’s Gun, and a Bearcat with a Cradle and Leech, you’d be packing some fairly rare gear, but would be in for a much more difficult fight than this same combat given a purple-rarity Ravager, Snider, Anarchist, and Plasma Caster with a Turtle shield and MIRV grenade, for example.

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Thanks for your replies guys.

I think what simply made it easy was the up-to-date level Moxxi Fire Shotgun, that thing is just too good.

I was thinking, a VH (pretty much any VH), could use that, along with an electric shotgun and shotgun buff relic (or even like a Maliwan shock pistol or something) can breeze through UVHM Bandit Slaughter or anywhere similar really, like really easily, don’t even have to use Slag.

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