Hey guys, i have a question about 'Codex fragment' Legendary

So i was grinding the archive for Lorrian skill spike legendary and ended up getting Codex fragment instead (btw i was on solo hardcore advanced…i diddnt even know codex can drop from normal) and i was wondering the special perk is ‘stacks 0.70% skill damage when taking damage. max 10 stacks’.

so the question was how long does these stacks last for i.e is it untill u die? and when taking damage is that seperate individual damage taken for example if i took damage ran off, then came back and took more would that be a 2 stack?).

Anyone who knows exactly how this gear legendary works and can advise would be a STAR!!

cheers guys.


(btw mine is 7% skill damage and -14 recoil, i think its a max roll)

7% is max roll. It should be similar to other legendaries such as the vow of vengeance. So iirc its like 5 - 10 seconds.

Yh i wasnt sure about that you see cus i was thinking, how are you supposed to get a max stack of 10 within like 5-10 seconds? its confused me a little ha.

I think the cooldown restarts with each stack gained.

As far as I can tell with Montana you are correct works pretty slick with his helix that damages himself along with your pocket miko rocking solar sustainment.

Cheers for the responses guys. There are two conflicting answers here tho lol. can anybody 100% confirm how it works?

Bump. Any devs know or might be able to quickly answer? would be greatly appreciated. @JoeKGBX?

In case it wasn’t clear because it didn’t link to Simon he was correct it stacks every time you get hit in a 5 second interval. It also refreshes everything you get hit at max stacks. You essentially have 5 seconds to gain a stack then another 5 to gain the next etc cetera ad nauseum. If you don’t take damage in 5 seconds your stacks get wiped until you eat damage again hence why Montanas self damage is so nice since you will essentially sit at 10 stacks chain refreshing.

Ahh ok cheers @pizzonage , appreciate it pal. Just one more question sorry! When u say it refreshes everything at max stacks…do you mean at 10 stacks it refreshes back down to 0 or 1 stacks again??


It’s these sort of functions which would make having an on-screen UI similar to how skills were displayed in Borderlands 2 would be quite helpful. You’d also be more likely to max your stacks since you would be able to see what stack you are at.

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If you take damage while at 10 it will keep you at the 10th stack until you stop taking damage in a 5 second window.