Hey Guys Looking for a Red Fang with Gamma Burst

I have a few legendary Moze Mods and some Fl4K Rak mods i can part with if no one is feeling generous. Aghaye Kamel is my gamer tag.

I have one I can trade. Do you have any elemental projector or atom balm relics with action skill cooldown?

I just have a white elephant projector with luck mag size and cyro resistance. Crazy thing is I get those and atom balms all the time but not with action skill reduction. If I run across those I’d hit u

Just sent a red fang your way

Your awesome. add me. if i come across what you need farming graveward i will send them. what character do you have? amara?

I have a deadeye ato balm with 21% action skill cooldown pistol and cryo damage if you still needed one

Thank would be great. Thanks!
GT: TexasC4