Hey guys new to all this just looking for some help

Just looking for some help on the lvl 5 boss deadlift I’m on ps4 add lxdsodilious.

Make sure to do the quest from Janie to find her lost echos. You will get an electric based sniper riffle that will take down his shields. Once that is done he is easy to kill of with any of your other weapons. Use the jump pads to keep air borne and look for spots on the levels where there is bare ground. Landing and standing on these parts will keep you from suffering as much electrical damage. You can also look at the vendors for a shield that provides immunity against electrocution. Even if it is white it will protect you.

If you can’t finish him off before he starts firing electrical orbs at you, use the jump pads to move far enough out of their way. They are slow moving and after a couple of tried you get good at dodging them. I can’t remember if you can shot them out of the air like missiles because they where only an issue the first two times I attempted Deadlift without the sniper riffle.