Hey look at that robot sniper guy

I’ve been enjoying the game so far and am loving most of the characters, and by most I mean all but one. Good old robo sniper butler Marquis. I’ve played him quite a bit and I’ve played against him a lot and I think he’s a bit too strong, what do I mean by this well let’s see. His damage is pretty high and I get that, he’s supposed to be a sniper that sits in the back and shoots you. But it just feels like he has no penalties seeing as his body is so small and his sprint speed is way too fast. I get that he needs to have some escape but if he can simply run away without laying down his slow field (which is generally when I try and get the jump on him) it may be a bit too much. His small body size also makes him extremely difficult to hit him with hard CC (excluding Alani if you know where to position your geyser). When I’m ranged I have a bit of a difficult time dealing with him since I mostly play Toby and the large size just makes him free pickings for Marquis, and if I’m playing as Attikus and I get him with the stun he shouldn’t be able to run away with a small sliver of health (I go full damage now and don’t both with lifesteal on attikus anymore). I understand his body size can’t really change but I feel that a reduce to his sprint speed is needed.

These are really just my thoughts, my friend shares the same thoughts about Marquis being annoying but he thinks Marquis should be nerfed into the useless tier so people stop playing him which I don’t think is necessary. I think everyone should play who they want but just picking him because he is the OP character of the month just kind of takes the fun out of the game a little bit.

Meh, he can definitely hurt a team, but he’s usually very flankable. I usually chew Marquis up with Thorn. I’m sure any assassin type character can do the same, and if they’re not flanking him to stop him then that’s your problem.

If they are playing smart, let’s say in the “sniping posts” on overgrowth and backing out at any threat, I just ocassionally jump up there and hit him a few times to scare him off. Even if he is too slick to kill, you at least severely limit his damage potential this way.

He’s also very difficult to use in up close fights, although I’m sure some masters of him can pull some crazy point blank shots.

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Marquis is a unique case because his skill cap is as high as one’s aim can take it - a good Marquis can provide immense lane denial. He’s fairly balanced in the sense that he’s countered by another Marq/ decent coverage of the sniping ledges.