Hey modders! Non modder here with a question

So you may or may not be aware that there is talks of an official Gearbox balance mod coming Soon TM. Some numbers and flight paths have already been shared.

Any chance one of you fine gentlemen could throw together a quick mod with only the changes @scole has shared for us to test with this weekend?

I really have no idea what is involved with modding, so I don’t know if my ask is 5 minutes or 5 hours or 5 days, but I know I and others are getting kinda impatient waiting on GB to finish, and I would love to try out some of these flight path changes on vettes and give some feedback on them now.


Well, for starters you’d need to list the changes. You can’t expect someone to implement them AND dig through every post to find them just so you can have them a week earlier.
It’d be better if you just tried your hand at modding yourself though, as most balance changes are simple but time consuming to test. I’d be happy to help if you have any issues or need to know how to start or tackle specific problems.

Yep, Sorry about that.

Here you go.

And like I said. I have no idea what I am asking. If it is a big, time consuming ask then by all means say “na F.U. rat do it yourself” and I will take no offense at all. I’m an IT professional (although not in anyway shape or form a developer) so I know all to well how hard some things can be that sound easy to the laymen.

It’s just a one to two hour effort by the looks of it. You basically just need to take a text editor and match all the changes.
It’d probably be easier just to ask scole nicely for the mod in private however.

I’m sure if scole was ready to release he would. I doubt he would release a mod to just me given half the MP community is waiting on the balance mod to drop. I was just trying to get us a head start.

Holiday weekend. Lots of potential players. Could be a good way to spark some interest and stop some of the bleeding we are seeing in MP over the last two weeks. Many of us saw the original post and stopped playing thinking the balance mods would start the following week. They haven’t. I don’t want to gripe, I know those guys must be working hard. Just trying to do my part to improve the game and help where and how I can.

I said to myself. Hey there’s this mod community that may be able to help. So here I am.

Well, he has released all the changes for players to look at. If he wasn’t interested in feedback on them, he wouldn’t have posted that much in the first place… once he has refused then maybe you might convince me.

edit: you could also directly ask the makers of the balance mod you spoke of. They might be willing to do it.

Gearbox is the maker of the balance mod. The numbers released are number that are initial thoughts to what is going into it. The whole point of the post is to obtain feedback. But some things, such as the flight path changes to vets are rather hard to predict without actual use.

My thought was simply that the reason the Gearbox balance mod is not available yet is because of any number of reasons. The only thing I know for sure is that it is not available yet. However, initial change ideas already posted could be incorporated and tested now if the mod community was willing/able/inspired to help the MP community test.

No, they’re not just initial thoughts, they’re script modifications which you can merge into your own game. That’s why scole might consider some closed testers; he has already released the source of the mod, it’s just in a format you can’t use easily. If you don’t ask, you will not know, and I don’t think anyone here is going to invest time in re-creating his work instead of waiting.

The reason scole hasn’t made the mod publicly available is because he hasn’t finished it and there is not all that much meaning in testing without the full package, as the majority of players would just complain something wasn’t right. They can’t publicly release everything for fear of another PR nightmare.

edit: just to clarify, you did check the files scole posted, yes?
edit2: I thought you were referring to another balance mod earlier, sorry.

yes. opened each, reviewed the diffs, asked questions, provided feedback. was just looking for help with taking the next step, or an intermediate step if you will.

Thanks for you help.