Hey, remember when gearbox added legendaries to vending?

So, yeah, does everyone remember when gearbox did the mini event earlier this year (March Doorbuster event), where they filled the vending machines with legendaries? And the announcement stated that it was their way of introducing legendary items in vending machines, meaning they’d randomly spawn in vending machines in future.
(Not that we need them, but it was a cool thing from previous games, and they’d planned to include it in B3 but linked to online/social and then removed it, so it was cool they were adding it back in, in some way.)

Yeah, so… Anyone seen any?

Been playing since then, checking every vending machine I see, and not caught a glimpse of orange anywhere. Am I just unlucky or is this another thing that hasn’t worked right?


it was just an event
nothing to stay

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Yeah, the event was temporary, but I seem to remember them saying legendaries would spawn sometimes, from then on. Tried to find the gearbox announcement, but seems to have been removed from the website.
I might be wrong, just thought about it the other day and could have sworn they said legendaries would have a small chance of appearing in vends now.

I hope we get another event soon. I want to farm some class mods


I’m surprised they didn’t go the TPS route and have a decent chance (as opposed to a zero or BL2-level chance) of finding one as an item of the day. I thought that was largely praised as a good implementation without overdoing it.


They took the best stuff from previous games and threw it in the dumpster sometimes i feel.

Its part of the unsettling feeling that bl3 is an inferior game.

Ill give it this. I like sliding climbing and the bank the pickup machine and having a room.

No really thats it.


Only during the mini event just before every legendary at that point would be non-viable due to upcoming nerfs and level cap increase would GB be so generous.


Another Legendary related feature was that when your friend sold an item, it “could” end up in your vending machine.

Yeah, never seen that one either but perhaps given the amount of legendary gear I’ve sold, my friends have seen one of my items… dunno

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They need to reach a middle point on this.

I loved the events with legendaries on vending machines, and also the jackpot machines.

They were a little bit too much, but added some variety.

Now, after 300h played, I never seen a legendary in a vending, or touched jackpot machines again.

So a middle point would be good, where I could find a bad annointed, nom interesting legendary here and then xD or spend 10 mins on the jackpots and find one or two.

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They’re planning to add rewards from completed missions to Earl’s vending machine (which takes Eridium currency). Some rewards are legendary, e.g., Amazing Grace, Cloud Kill, The Pearl of Ineffable Knowledge, Rico. I’m hoping that they include the one-time-per-character challenge rewards like the Bekah and the Scoville, too.

We want to ensure players have a use for all the Eridium they’ve collected throughout the galaxy. The Veteran Rewards machine will receive a shipment of mission-specific rewards that players can redeem once a mission ends.


Now that vending machines scale, I think it’s time we got this event again.

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There are two sort of players that might use Eridium: new characters leveling up, and end-game players (or more if I’m forgetting something).

If I’m leveling up a new character, Earl’s vending machine lets me buy on-level, anointed Epic gear. He’s priced where these aren’t cheap for a rookie character (without a modicum of farming for Eridium), but unlike the Golden Chest where it’s a dice roll for what comes out of there, one can refresh their arsenal with some strong gear from him. Also, if I’m into some of his cosmetics, that’ll be on my shopping list, but that’s a one-time buy.

If I’m at end-game, I’m likely not strapped for hard-hitting gear. I’m looking for something specific. Giving Earl story mission gear for sale is an easy one, but just kind of expands his role a little (once I have this gear, Eridium goes back to being useless currency). The slot machines are cute, but unless I’m a gambler at heart and just like playing period, they’re just sort of a novelty.

Good end-game Eridium sinks may be some sort of gear acquisition/improvement mechanism (like Earl’s vending machine, but he won’t find much business without Legendary gear therein, and I don’t think they’re going to go to a, “upgrade your gear by spending Eridium” model). TPS also had the Loot Grinder that could be spiced up with Eridium which was a pretty good sink, but I also don’t think they’ll bring this back.

The other good sink was putting some content behind it, like raids in BL2. If I was about to max out my bank in BL2, spawning Dexiduous would eat that up nicely. I mean, I was only there for the pre-Dex mob (and would usually quit after they were down and Dex came up because they were way more fun for me), but still.

If they made, for example, the equivalent of some Torgue-style Bar Room Brawl, and put it behind Eridium instead of Torgue Tokens, that would siphon off my Eridium pretty quick at end game. Therefore I would suggest themed Bar Room Brawls… sort of like Circles of Slaughter but distilled into a single, brutal, dense wave of some enemy type.


Personally, I think it was broken. Maybe they’re working on fixing it and bringing it back. But yes, they were supposed to add legendaries to the vending machines but then it turned out that vending machines only had a single legendary and no other products. I think that was never the intention, it was broken.

They were trying to add in some legendaries along with all the other stuff and it didn’t work the way they wanted to.

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It was nice but i would rather have better dedicated drops


Yeah, I think TPS got it pretty perfect. But if gearbox had paid attention to TPS, they’d have avoided a bunch of problems, IMO.

Exactly. You only have to compare something like slam, in previous (TPS) vs B3. Still can’t understand how they could get it so wrong, and they’re still trying to repair it now with guardian rank rewards, but they haven’t managed it yet.

Yeah, plus manufacturers having an extra effect on their weapons (Jakobs ricochets and dahl not only burst firing when ADS, for example). They improved a few things, and did a really good job on those few. But, almost everything else is worse, somehow.

Yeah, this is what I meant about the social feature they’d planned to add but removed. Would have been amazingly cool. Especially if you were a lower level and kept getting loot they’d leveled out of.
Apparently there were rumours it worked on launch, because some people found legendaries in vending machines, but it seemed to vanish pretty quick, so guessing maybe it caused problems somewhere and gearbox removed it rather than fixing it.

Yeah, definitely. Give players a reason to use the features you put into a game, or what’s the point?

Yeah, looking forward to this. Really hope they include crew challenge weapons, like you say, and they appear anointed.