Hey so, is the Eridian Takedown enemies health working as intended? Are you OK with it or not?

Thought i’d just ask openly, because this feels weird.

I demolish the maliwan takedown on M10, no major problems, get in and get out. Not precissely super challenging anymore, but indeed fun as hell, and kept me on my toes. If i wasnt doing the big kills, a masive blast damage build iron bear did.

Same build, minuts later, M10 Guardian Breach takedown.
Took me 5 minuts to ge tout of the very first fight, which is just common mobs. And it only gets worse at the first chrystal challenge, with the eridian guardians.

They just won’t die, takes all i have to kill one or two of the common ones. And i havea good moment to see damage numbers each time im downed:
Millions and millions and millions of damage to kill a normal foot soldier guardian. Shield and healthbar.
Im talking 5 clips of my storngest stuff, like Flippers and Kaoson with 150% radiation bonus.

Like dude. This ain’t even fun anymore. It really feels like bullet sponges.

And i would be ok. Blame my build, might be my fault, but yet again - why does this takedown force my damage to be SO INSANE HIGH, without taking a single breather, yet the maliwan takedown feels so much more balanced?

(also for some reason, M10 wotan’s shields died in 1 single shot from a harold bullet. Idk if im missing something here but, yeah, i think theyre bugged.)

Sigh. Whatever.
What do you think, is this health in the takedown fair? Does it feel imbalanced to the restof the M10 content? Am i not using enough explosions???



Anyways maybe its a build problem I also use a flipper and it usually doesn’t have problems with GTD enemies whenever I run it but then again everything I use is pretty meta and the only threat to me has beeen gravity so Idk.


Which VH are you using? I have beaten it many times with Moze and beat it the first time I tried with Zane. Build plays a bigger role depending on which VH you use.

Hi, welcome to six weeks ago and this other thread you already posted in: Eridian takedown bugged or overtuned?


But anyway, maybe you need more Fire in the Skag Den?

I do wish there was a baseline of HP for enemies in Takedowns. Even if it was just ballpark, say mobs were in the 5-8m range, badasses double that and bosses x10. I’m not saying these are exact numbers but you get the theme. I feel like Takedowns should have a similar feel in terms of difficulty and enemy health. I understand that you don’t want all of the “Raids” to have a similar feel or that could kill the differences between them. But when you can crush one Takedown and take clips to kill mobs, there is a balance issue.

Maliwan Takedown could use a slight buff IMO, this is supposed to be a challenge.

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i just was in a full on surrounded situation, trying to fight for your life, and between dodges and stuff i just couldnt get enough damage out even with the flipper. sure, one by one, i can kill em. but jesus, when youre on a chrystal and they gang on you, its either a safe death or iron bear self-implodes with his own explosives.

Well im using moze, but, are we both talking about mayhem 10? I just dont get it, my build already gets pretty much all the damage iron bear can dish out, plus several 30% blast bonuses from my gear, and even then a guardian takes 1 whole rocket pods clip.

Woops. Sorry, i didnt even stop to check. I was so frustrated after holding so hard in there, i just rushed to ask this. Every 2 weeks or so i keep trying this takedown on high mayhem to see if its been tweaked but nothing…

And, fire in the skag den, idk. Sure, for the beasts fire is ok, but the real problem to me are the hoards of guardians and those dont take fire too kindly.

This im both ok and conflicted with. It wasnt hard for me to clean it in M10, but, it was super fun indeed. And i still go down just as usual, but i can fight back without suffering an anxiety attack. I’d rather have this fun, not-impossible experience, than raising their health a 50% extra and make it all bullet sponges.
Plus, if they are spongy, that’s gonna make farming harder, whoever does.

In the end, yeah, both raids need a middle point to match, its just too imbalanced from one to another.
“Oh wow this maliwain raid mission was so fun. Time to try the second raid, then!”, bam, face slap and back to the New U to make an all damage build.

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Rock/paper/scissors damage type matching won’t matter with Fire in the Skag Den. It tends to overwhelm everything with brute force on account of it being pseudo-bugged to do thirty times the listed amount of damage.

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Huh. Is that so? Im gonna have to try it then, i abandoned that skill months ago in favor of iron bear cooldown, and torgue cross promotion. So i dont know its power extent right now.
Thanks for the tip.

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If you are using Moze then there is an easy build to beat Guardian Takedown.

  • Go down far enough into the red tree to be able to equip Sabot Corrosive Rounds and Capacitive Armature
  • Go down in the blue tree to get Short Fuse. Make sure you take Grizzled, Auto-Bear, Stainless Steel bear and a few points in Vampyr
  • Go down far enough in green tree to pickup Specialist Bear. Pickup Dakka Bear.
  • Farm a Flipper
  • Get a Rocketeer Com

Now all you need to do is enter, find a good spot where IB has a clear shot at enemies and hop out of IB to activate Auto-Bear. IB will do most of the work and your action skill will be ready far before Auto-Bear ends.

For the crystal phases, exit IB on the platform that charges the crystal and jump into turret since you picked up Dakka Bear. You will be immune to damage, Auto-Bear will take out most of the enemies and the crystal will keep charging regardless if an enemy is standing on the platform due to Dakka Bear.

You can also use Dakka Bear during the first boss. When he get his immunity and does the Radiation explosion, if you are in Dakka Bear it will destroy Auto-Bear but you won’t go into fight for your life.

I did it once with my Zane in M0 and I still feel like wasting time even I’m effectively oneshotting everything so I’d probably just ignore it until I have a good reason to run it again.

You are comparing a Takedown that got released months ago, with enemies and an Invincible with healths/armors/shields, based/calculated from builds, weapons, stuff that were designed months ago.

This Guardian Takedown got released recently, meta changed, top tier weapon changed and are a MASSIVE powercreep if we compare them to weapons from 6 months. Guardian Takedown isn’t overtuned, it isn’t too hard, you just need to rework your build or get better weapons.


ABUSE ASE ON SHIELD AND GRENADE FOR. EXTRA EXPLOSIVE COLORS. Id dven reccomend ase on weapon as anoint. Gtd.mobs die in about 4-10 sexonds focus firing with a basic zane when ase magic is happening. Other vault hunters cannl do better.

Now that action skills scale i find the gtd a cakewalk.


Every time i bump on you in the forums is a fokin’ laugh.

Well yeah, most of my annoints are wither ASE explosive bonuses, or 150% radiation wich is a flat out double damage to me as my favorite element.

Anyway, ive been thinking through the day, im gonna go and farm a “its piss!” with 25% damage bonus on grenade throw. I noticed i dont chug many grenades other than quasars, so this one will indeed give me a good buff, lmao.

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My best advice is get the wepspinner wallcrawler m1 m2 m0

It allows u to skip through the doors. So just go for the bosses.

When i get a chance ill linkna video from some dude or hopefully someome else will for me for you.

Its meant to allownunto skip places so dont feel bad using it.

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dem, i have some m10 of those webslingers but never bothered to try em like that. ill check on youtube yeah