Hey you Clans check in Crowley gonna need a home

Old HW1 player needs home. Was once a fair player. Probably will spend a day or two relearning the mechanics. Was always that person in the Lobby who was quiet and unassuming. NO drama zone , (unless drunk), known for loud beer belches on Teamspeak in the middle of a intense 4 vs 4. Which would garner guffaws and to our chagrin break concentration. However I did rank once 10+ on the HW1 ladder. Love the game and has a certain slant to worlds unseen. I also like long walks along the beaches of Hiigara and trouncing swarmers in Kadesh. Please give Crowley a home only needs feeding once a day and bathing at your discretion. Or maybe Crowley starts his own home and invites you all to live there.


You can always make a clan yourself and invite other people , for example me :ghost:

You may be on to something there. See how many people would join a old battle beaten horse like me.

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I think most of the old armadas/clans/clubs that have been showing up for HW:R were like that.

I know we (OMO) are. SLS, the gurus and the Drunken Pirates were usually pretty fun to game with. I haven’t seen many Chikens, but they were pretty “off center” as well.

LoL Aged I was around for the heyday of OMO and SLS , BiB , DP and those infamous chikens. Myself just looking to lend what little skill l have left to someone. Oooooor spend a few days beating up three comps on hard relearn the mechanics and be a force unto myself as insane as I am. Hence why I am asking for a home here. Early like. I have been in the past HsC, DaB , and even LS in later years.

TFL reporting in here LeviathansWrath ready to smoke some butts =)

PSA (royal hiigaran navy subsection) clan I was in. Got a few old players together for hwrm but lost a lot of good players for whatever reason. So hope to see u all in mp soon.

Does SLS operate a teamspeak. I saw some gameplay of a few of their members and was interested in working with them some

the only sls ts server i knew of was for ts 2 and that has been gone for over 10 years

I’m running the good old SOLO tag for the first day, might join some group later after some observation
I wonder if we gonna have clan tags and clan system/profile, or if we gonna have to do it like in the old days adding tags manually, I hope they did some modernization on that. No reason to keep it old fashion at all
Maybe a dev can give us some info here. @BitVenom

Lol now that u mentioned that u were LS I remember u, I spent a few days on LS as well

i went under either as Leviathan|LS or LeviathansWrathLS

Funny thing I forgot all about DOOM till someone mentioned him in a thread on the old Forums. I remembered people like Lazygolfer …how could I forget DOOM??? So got me thinking about the people I played against and with. Best players I ever seen and had the privileged to be beaten down by were: Hivemind, Byzantium, FORNAX , Suas, Murph, Molle, Squirrel and later DOOM, Lazygolfer, and a few others funny how its hard to remember a lot of players. Especially later years when WON turned into a troll zone or what seemed to me a bunch of people always on some witch hunt of one kind or another. In HW2 lots of players were dang good so I just remember Clans like TFL, XENO, TLSC and a few others. Man I must be getting old . I need me glasses to see this thread O.o

i saw doom in hw 2 a few years ago and with his buddy diablo, but havent seen them in years, they got accounts on GR.

Im sure they would love to know this is happening can you reach them on GR? I lost DOOM’s email and again who uses Hotmail anymore?

i used to have him on GR but ended up it glitched on me and i had to remove peoplef rom the list, and at the time i did that he had not logged in for over 2 years. Otherwise i have no way of getting ahold of him.

found his LS account on GR he hasnt logged in since jan of 2010.

LoL 2010 is a long ways back. I’m just wondering if they have a email addy attached to the GR accounts like Steam or other platforms. Worth a try if you can find it.

sorry no email attached.

The guru are here.