Hey Zane Gang, I hope you haven't been trashing your E-Tech Tediore Shotguns


Tediore E-Tech Shotguns were set to the wrong value and were corrected, resulting in a damage increase for all Tediore E-Tech Shotguns.

  • Tediore E-Tech Shotgun Damage increased by 50%

Now there are specific builds that utilize specific Tediore Shotguns to a great degree. Well now they’re 50% more destructive.

I’m no Mathmatologist, but even I’m excited to test this out.

If you’ve been following posts here this especially buffs this crazy build:

So get to it, start chucking to your Heart’s Content

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I thought E-Tech was the alien guns with angry buttholes mouths.

There are E-Techs with Alien Barrels I believe, don’t quote me on that…I could definitely be wrong.

funny enough I just yesterday farmed earl and also bought all alien barrels, just to test them again. still it would be hard for them to match in damage, BUT I will test it later