Heya Gearbox! Just a suggestion before doing Hotfixes and Updates!

Hey Gearbox,

Watch this video by Arekkz about the nerfs on gun, especially focus on the 4:30 part of the video. I do agree with his point about PVE games like this.
Think about your decisions next time please before doing any hotfixes or updates. If anyone brags about their high damage, it’s because you did right at making the game fun and giving us the freedom to make our own builds. So please hear this pleading gamer’s request to make the game fun and not frustrating enough to put the game down

Thank you and have a nice day.



The issue then becomes that future content has to be designed knowing that people will be able to do that kind of damage.

If a high-damage build or strategy becomes popular, more people will use it. This in turn means that content needs to be able to handle people doing that, which makes said content much harder for the people NOT playing that way.

To try and keep things level, and avoid a repeat of BL2’s end-game balancing fiasco, you have two choices. Either nerf the outliers, or buff literally everything else.


The problem isn’t Gearbox. There is no “problem”. There are simply camps of gamers with radically different gameplay ideologies and they’ll never agree on anything, they’ll never be satisfied. Some like “balanced” games, some like unbalanced godsims, everyone wants to shoehorn their ideas into the game regardless of how it affects the integrity of the gameplay or the enjoyment of others.

I’m in the minority for thinking a developer should do whatever they want with their game, and adjust it as needed to keep inching towards the experience they intended the players to have.


It’s not “their” game. When I buy a game from a game company I own it, IT’S MINE, and I play it how I wish to play, I refuse to allow game devs to shoehorn me into playing MY GAMES how they wish me to play


We’re toddlers playing in their sandbox. They own all the toys and make all the rules too. All we did is give them some money to let us use their stuff.

(Rich toddlers that can buy video games…maybe we’re actually Tinks lmao)


I doubt they give a crap about the players and their enjoyment of the game. In BL2 there was the Bullmoose Shield and it reduced damage taken by 20% across the board. This also applied to Krieg’s “Fight for your Life” savior talent where you would get downed to revive another player, so I would revive someone and be put at 20% health, which would let me be low enough to go into my Badass Psycho active skill mode.

It was a great interaction between an item and a specific build, and it didn’t break the game but they still nerfed the ■■■■ out of the build because “reasons”. Gearbox nerfing stuff in a coop game is just the latest in ill-conceived notions of “balance”.

It’s a coop game, where you’re not forced to play with random folks. Let people have fun and broken builds, that’s the best part of games with a lot of choice in gear and talents.


I don’t think you are in the minority, the loud minority are the posters on forums getting pissy that the broken spec some YouTuber uploaded a video about got balanced, or as they like to say, nerfed.

Yes it is. They’re the ones who spent thousands of man hours over years to create it. You’re a consumer, you don’t own anything other than a physical copy of their game. You have the right to play it, but the developers reserve the right to balance their game accordingly, so that the gaming experience is as equal and enjoyable for the playerbase as a whole as it can be. If you developed your own game then it would be yours and you could do whatever you like with it. This is Gearbox’s game.

Co-op is a main feature and big draw of the franchise. It is because online play exists that balancing will happen. Not everybody wants to spectate other players in their lobby abusing broken crap that is not working as intended. That is not fun for online players.


Do you work for Gearbox? No? You should ask for money.

Also coop was never the big selling point of this game, it was a nice addon but most people play it solo.


Talk about the game, not each other, please.


Best example of garbage “balancing” I have is in Divinity Original Sin. I was playing through the game and building my main character to be a badass fire mage, complete with enough gear (which was quickly getting overleveled, putting me at a bit of a disadvantage) to have over 100% fire resistance so she could stand in lava and molten ground while dishing out damage. It was a build that took most of my gear slots to achieve, and was what my character was entirely built around.

Then they patched the game to stop players from being capable of hitting 100% resistance, even. So my entire build was FUBAR and didn’t work anymore, with 75% of my skills being unusable because they were massive AoE that would now nuke my character. They literally broke the game for me, and I never finished the game because I’d have to restart to have any fun with it again. That’s absolute trash, and I loathe and despise developers that do ■■■■ like that in a non-competitive game.

It’s really a stupid process to be nerfing the hell out of things in a singleplayer/coop game that’s not outright game-breaking. Players like having the power-fantasy of eventually steamrolling things they had trouble with before, it’s not like that’s a secret. If something is super strong then maybe they should add modifiers to new difficulty modes instead of nerfing things that are fun and badass. And not calling a nerf a nerf is pretty ignorant. It’s a balancing patch for the game, yes, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a massive nerf for the sake of nerfing.


I didn’t say it was the big selling point, I said it’s a big draw to the franchise. It’s one of the features that adds to the longevity of these games.

I also don’t think there is a statistic to support the theory that most people play solo, even so that is a moot point. Millions have bought this game, thousands play or have played online and many more will over the course of the game’s lifespan. Luckily for them, their online experience wont by ruined by Shamfleeting and Pimphab Sal all over again.

Balancing FL4K and probably Moze down the line will keep the game, well, balanced, and ensure that new players and veterans alike wont have their online sessions ruined by some overpowered nitwit instakilling everything because they think it’s “fun” while totally disregarding their teammates and taking away from their enjoyment.

You’re not forced to play with people using OP builds like that, you do realize that, right? You can just avoid lobbies that have people using a build you don’t like. I’ve had people bitch about my grenades build that uses a “Cloning Jump Jumper Tracker” grenade which splits into 2 in flight, bounces and detonates up to 3 times, and homes in. It’s a crazy amount of grenades flying all over the place homing in on things and I had someone kick me for using it.

There’s always so many whiny twats in gaming communities, it’s unreal. I don’t understand the point of bitching about a build being OP. What Gearbox should be doing is taking a look at Zane being so far behind the other VH in the end-game.


You are very very wrong. You do not own anything when you buy a game. At best you own a license, which gives you permission to play the game.

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Yeah I’m sure you fronted the millions of dollars to develop the game. When you buy a game in today’s age you know that they are subject to any number of updates and changes.

You aren’t the only one who bought the game believe it or not.


If you really think it is your game, then I hate to break it to you: it isn’t. The devs are allowed to balance things as they want to, they created it, not you.


I know devs in general, not just Gearbox, I’m talking ALL game company devs, I know they like to retain control over “their” product BUT when I hand over my money to them, at that point in time I then own it, it’s MY GAME, and I am in control and I play it how I wish and nobody and I mean nobody gets to dictate or try to change MY VISION in how I wish to play it. Game devs will try of course but at the end of the day it’s my money I’m forking out.
When you buy a car or a t.v do you allow the creators to change your product without your permission, or tell you how you should drive?

I respect not everyone will share my view and I’m ok with that


Fl3k needed a nerf and so did that gun. Whilst I agree Devs should be very careful nerfing anything in a PvE game, there should be some balance between the various characters.

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Honestly my only annoyance with that last update was them disabling my Hallow Point perk just because other people kept killing themselves or their pets with it.

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When you buy a car or T.V you’re the only one buying it. You aren’t the only one buying a game

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When you hand money over to a retailer all you are doing is leasing a physical copy of Gearboxs intellectual property.

You own the disk that the information is compiled on…but that’s it.

Gearbox is free to do with what they want.

In fact, if you really want to get down to brass racks, Gearbox doesn’t even own it. The majority of ownership is from investors and shareholders(in this case of 2k).

So yeah, for all intents and purposes, you own an expensive plastic beer coaster.