HGL Battleborn Championship/ The End of HGL?

We at HGL have worked hard to put together what we have for you today. Ever since the Winter Update we have stated we wanted to bring the aspect of professional Esports to Battleborn. We have struggled to bring in any meaningful sponsors because of the public’s persona of Battleborn. As a non-profit organization it is already hard to offer a prize so sponsors are definitely something we rely on heavily. With that said we are only able to offer a crowdfunded prize with a store section that allows you to buy Battleborn T-shirts, phone cases, stickers, Consoles, VR’s, and Catalyst Mints, with partial proceeds going to the prize pool and the rest going to the artists/company. We want to thank the artists/companies we have worked with for designing the T-shirts, phone cases, stickers, etc.

Today we want to announce the HGL Battleborn Championship Series. This league will provide the form of actual professional Esports. What we mean by that is the league will follow a new rulebook that has been modified to resemble the likings of Battleborn, but provide key features that are used in most if not all professional Esports scenes.The rulebook consists of 26 pages which is still half the size of a traditional Esport rulebook. There are many rules that are new in this rulebook that have not be introduced to Battleborn examples, Team and players names can be changed by administration for violating code of conduct and other boundaries, Teams will get virtual team licenses stating their right to participate. These and many more are in the rulebook.

This league here is for those that are serious about the battleborn competitive scene. The league is ultimately for fun and to provide the sense of professionalism in the Battleborn competitive scene. With that said all 4 gamemodes are available for play, but teams have the right to ban game modes for each match same with maps. This league is really here to tell us at HGL who is serious about the competitive scene and if we should continue hosting Battleborn tournaments.

The League will feature 8 weeks of normal play. Where teams will play two matches a week (best of 3 series) scheduled by those teams throughout the allowed time table ( Monday - Sunday 10 AM - 11 PM EST) The winning team of their weekly games will be awarded 20 points. After the 4th, and 8th Regular weeks there will be a Points tournament. The top 4-16 teams in the league will be put in pool play, while the rest will be allowed to play in the Open Bracket. The maximum amount of points awarded in Pool Play and the open bracket is 60 points. The teams that are in the Pool Play and the top 2-4 teams in the Open Bracket will be invited to the Championship bracket for that tournament where another 40 - 60 points maximum can be earned. At the end of the 8th week a Last Chance Qualifier will be played. The top 2 - 8 teams are excused from this tournament. This tournament will run for more points with a double elimination bracket. Allowing the minimum amount of points earned being 0 and maximum being 90 - 150 points. The top 2-4 teams in standings, excusing the teams that have already qualified, will be invited to the League Championship (Online).


Note if you do not read the rule book and sign up for the League you are still responsible for your actions and any rules you violate

Read the Full Rule Book Here

  1. Game Modes, Restrictions, and Settings

The latest version of the official HGLBC settings should be used for all Games. Game Modes, Restrictions, and Settings are subject to change at the sole discretion of Administration. Any changes will be communicated to Participants.

11.1 Game Modes

The game modes played in the Competition are as follows:


11.1.1 Game Mode Draft.

A veto process will take place until one mode remains for each game. The host of the game lobby vetoes first.

11.2 Map and Game Mode Combination

11.2.1 Incursion


11.2.2 Meltdown


11.2.3 Faceoff


11.2.4 Capture


11.2.5 Map Veto

Each team will ban a map for each game played. The remaining map will be played. The host of the lobby bans first.

11.3 Game Settings

11.3.1 Banned Game Content

All legendary gear is banned from the Competition.

11.3.2 Character Ban/Protect

The draft will be Captains Draft and take place like this

Team A 1 ban
Team B 1 ban
Team A 1 ban
Team B 1 ban
Team A 1 pick
Team B 2 picks
Team A 2 picks
Team B 2 picks
Team A 2 picks
Team B 1 pick

Sign up for the League here: http://helixgamersleague.weebly.com/leaguesevents.html
Registration ends July 30th


Looks, I’m not trying to be rude here, but how can you call this competitive when you have Face off and Capture modes included? Going by Gearbox’s example at Choctaw it was Incursion and Meltdown only.

If it were that, I’d probably enter.


Because both modes only have one winner, and they can become competitive if both teams wanna win… pretty obvious, I think.


The point of including all game modes is to meet middle ground with all teams, If a team does not want to play Capture or Faceoff they have the option to ban it during the veto phase. All 4 game modes in Battleborn are competitive, some may be more competitive/popular then others (ex Incursion, and Meltdown) , but you cannot say that a mode is not competitive because you dislike it.


Every platform already has a league set up by the players.


Yes, we are aware

Are you aware that the leagues that are set up by the competitive community do not include capture or face off?

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Yes I am aware of the game modes of the community leagues. This league is for everyone not just those that play Incursion and Meltdown. There are players that want to play Faceoff and Capture competitively therefore there is no reason to not allow them to play. Those that don’t want to play certain game modes have the opportunity to ban them form play in their matches through a veto process.


There are? :joy:


I wish you the best of luck

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Capture especially can be very competitive, as evidenced by the screenshot I posted in the Xbox League a while back. I swear I’m never going to understand these stubborn people who are dead set on 1-2 modes. As if Meltdown and Incursion aren’t 90% stomp matches too.

But yeah, heaven forbid HGL offer up a league with different rules. We wouldn’t want any alternate play styles or situations encouraged!

Sorry if this sounds like a rant, but @wintersjordan0 and HGL were the first people to even attempt to generate a competitive scene for Battleborn, and there’s no reason for some of you to be treating them like dirt.


Especially If the current PS4 league is any indication. It seems getting a full team of 10 Battleborn players all on at the same time is a lot like herding cats.


Same for the Xbox league.


There is probably a good reason why those modes don’t see much play in draft mode.


I know, but let me put this in your mind your team likes Incursion the most, An other team likes FaceOff. You are lobby host so you get to ban the first game mode. You ban FaceOff because you don’t like it. Your opponent doesn’t particularly like Meltdown they ban it. Your teams turn to ban again you guys don’t like Capture you ban it. Oh there is one game mode left its Incursion. You play Incursion for that match.

That is the veto process for the modes and maps. Everyone has a equal chance to play or ban modes they dont like


+1 to this.

Also no need to be sorry.

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Just because one game is close doesn’t mean it is a competitive game mode.

  1. I know a lot of people and I’ve never heard anyone say “I wish we could play some competitive Face Off/Capture” without it being a joke. HGL tried Face Off in their last tournament and a lot of people didn’t enjoy it. To me it feels like doing Team Deathmatch as a competitive game on COD, just doesn’t feel competitive. Obviously some people may have different opinions, but I think a lot of people will disagree with Face Off/Capture being an option, even if you can avoid playing it.

  2. As I said, there are already leagues happening on all platforms. Some people are even playing on 2 platforms, but some people barely have time to play on 1. I don’t think too many people will find the time for another set of league games!

I’m not trying to sound like an ■■■■■■■, I’m just saying it how it is!


So people are afraid of even having a slim chance of playing it? Even though I assume it will be avoided. That makes 0 sense to me knowing that matches are usually stomps. I’m telling you how it is with HGL and what we have discussed, we want to give more to the community we dont want to host just the Weekend tournaments anymore. The decision for this league was made clear before the Winter Update. We have contacted company after company for the last 6 months to put this together getting denied every time because of the public’s persona of the game. Meanwhile we were hosting our usual weekend tournaments that werent doing so hot for reasons unknown. I understand the FaceOff one even though it was just for a tie breaker. The rest was Incursion Meltdown Incursion and no one was interested apparently with the usual backlash of the community. There has been talk between management not to do any more Battleborn tournaments/leagues. This wasnt event suppose to take place, then we mutually agreed that it would take place but would be highly recommended to not have another if anything between now and July 30th could not attract/unite all 4 game modes and more then 6 teams we would leave the Battleborn scene. I know im the owner but im not taking back my word. My only question is whats the difference of not having the game mode in the rules, and knowing it will get banned everytime?

On the league part I already know, I knew it would be a challenge to get teams signed up, but also knew that if there were a worthy prize that it would now become easier. (hint why it took 6 months for the league to come out)


chances are that if it’s a stomp, the skill levels are uneven and in a competitive setting, this shouldnt be the case. least it shouldnt be