HGL Battleborn Tournament Ideas (Feedback wanted)

As you have seen we have ran out first Battleborn Tournaments in a while last weekend and they went fairly well besides on how long they ran for. As we have told you in our first post about these tournaments they are what we call “Test Tournaments” or “Trial Tournaments”. These tournaments are ran to collect feedback and test different things for the Battleborn Competitive community. We have many ideas at HGL for what we could do with game modes, tournament formatting, and rules for the tournaments. In this post you will find some general questions we would love to get feedback on. So let’s begin.

Which GAME MODE do you want to play? WHY?
our ideas

  1. Incursion Only with Capture deciding Incursion Tie Breakers
  2. Incursion, Face Off, and Capture
  3. Incursion, Face Off
  4. Face Off

SHOULD LEGENDARIES BE ALLOWED? WHY? ( Yes I brought it up again)

our ideas

Double Elimination BO1 until GRAND FINALS BO3 (With 2 series on Grand finals (traditional) running this this week)

Double Elimination BO1 Until Grand Finals BO3 ( Grand Finals only 1 series)

Single Elimination BO3 all the way through (Never ran this format)

Single Elimination BO3 until Finals BO5 ( Ran this pre-Winter Update)

We are not totally sure if we want to do this knowing the skill gap between teams. Entry fee around $15 - $50 a team. Cash prize.

Also if you guys have any questions for us you can ask them here. That would be questions regarding the current rule set, tournament format, etc . This thread is here so we know what the community wants so we can deliver the fairest and most entertaining Battleborn Tournaments.

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Gamemodes: One of all three (best of 3 matches). Face-Off to decide tiebreakers.

Legendaries: Yes, but have tournament officials (i.e. you fellas at HGL) ban whichever ones you think are broken. Preferably not too many.

Paid Entry: Preferably not, because I think that would discourage a few people who would rather do it a little more casually from competing. Myself included.

I think incursion with face off tie breakers and best of three for the semi-finals as well so the tie breaker would actually be used on Xbox (the final boss is unbeatable make them pay to enter xD) I also think character legendaries should be allowed but not the others because it might make you want to use the character legendaries you wouldn’t usually use.

joking on PTP i wouldn’t play if that was i thing

I love Battleborn, been playing since day one. I’m glad to see you do more tournament stuff like this, even though I don’t fancy myself that serious or tourney-worthy of a player.

Consider that I haven’t played a ton of tournaments in general (this was my first!), here’s some feedback:

  • I liked the format you used. Double elimination felt like it gave teams that lost a match a second chance at redemption, to an extent, BUT
  • What if we switched to a tier system of “Gold / Silver / Bronze” so losing doesn’t feel so… “Loser Bracket” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::smile:
  • As I understand it, Battlefy isn’t your site, but as a new user to both this tournament and Battlefy, it was incredibly confusing to figure out how to navigate, review the tournament, find the bracket, etc. Just one anecdote: after I registered with the site, the first thing Battlefy showed me is that goofy avatar marketplace, not the tournament that prompted me to register. So apparently I can’t upload any of the avatars I’ve used online for 20 years, I apparently have to pay money to create an avatar out of graphics they sell… what?
  • A perceived lack of marketing and promotion are my biggest complaint. I follow Gearbox and Battleborn on Twitter and Facebook and am very active on both on a daily, soemtimes hourly basis, for work. I’m also a member of the top five largest Battleborn Facebook Groups. While I try to check in on the forums here, I don’t always have time. I didn’t see a word about this tournament until about 8 days before it happened, not on official social media channels or in any of the Groups. I gotta wager that hurt participation. I’d love to see a larger turnout, and I think interested players are out there, but they’d definitely need greater community outreach farther ahead of the next tournament. I posted tournament messages in all five Facebook groups ~ 7 days ahead of time, then also 1 day ahead of time and, anecdotally, I think the largest “I’d love to but can’t” reason was because they couldn’t get out of work or change their shift, or they already had plans arranged with family or friends. I haven’t done much game tournament planning, but I suspect we gotta get a bit farther out ahead of these if we want a larger turnout.
  • I think Incursion is a good overall mode to use for this, but what about Meltdown? It’s my favorite mode, and though I like the original mode more than the post-Winter Update with the second-chance mega-bot thing, I submit it as an optional replacement for Capture as a tie-breaker tool.

All that said, I love Battleborn and I love that you put this on. I’d love to see more of it, so keep up the good work. Thank you.

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Not sure if you’re looking for dev feedback, but we would love to get feedback from other modes being played in a tournament setting.

Legendary gear is something we continue to appreciate feedback on as well. Ie. What legendaries did you guys find that worked well (or perhaps particular subset such as non-character/character)? How did players, broadcasters, and spectators feel about them in a match (influence on economy, power shifts, characters now viable when previously weren’t, etc)?

Forgot one: I think we could hold off on tournament fees, if we’re talking about a tourney that’s open to all.

If we’re talking about a super elite tournament of the most badassiest of badasses, perhaps. But not for tournaments that are meant to be generally open to all of the public.

And if there’s a debate for which of those two we should focus on, I’d vote the latter; for now, I think it’s more beneficial for you and the community to run tournaments that are open to all. Maybe we could get super serial down the road.

I agree with most of what @InfiniteHench said.

Absolutely get the word out a bit more next time. Maybe you could talk with Gearbox and get them to show off your tournament in a Battleplan or the Battleborn main menu. I’m wiling to bet you’d get a lot of people signing up with “join our tournament” being displayed as soon as you turn on Battleborn.

I still think legendaries should be banned across the board. It’s extremely unfair to lose to someone because they have a perfect gear loadout of game-breakers and you don’t. (More of a problem for new players and people who don’t farm loot.) I don’t want to see these tournaments get dominated by Firmware Update ISIC Bola’s Targets Finder Orendi masters.

The format is fine, imo. Ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Incursion is king, and the Capture tie-breaker makes more sense than a Face-Off or Meltdown one.

Other tournaments featuring specific modes would be fun, though!

Paid entry is a horrible idea, considering skill gaps. If these tournaments get REALLY big (10+ teams), it might be an okay idea, however.

Capture or face off tiebreaker seems silly. If most of the tournament is incursion why change to the lesser played game modes for a tiebreaker?

I like the format that the last tournament had. Please keep the legendaries out of it.

I think that the last HGL tournament is the way to go but with a few changes:

  • There should be stage striking.
  • There should be some unbiased way to determine who gets to choose team 1 or team 2.
  • All of the Finals matches (winners, losers, grand) should be on another day. It could either be done the same day, but the following week or just have all 3 tournaments on Saturday, with the finals being on Sunday.
  • Losers should be able to choose both the stage and whether or not to be team 1 or team 2.

If tournaments were to have paid admission (of at least 50$), it should only be done after a finalized ruleset (including game modes) has been made and accepted. However, I think that free tournaments may be better for the community for the time being.

I don’t think that Legendary gear should ever be allowed in competitive play.

The reason we run Capture as a Tie Breaker as we did last tournament is if we ran another Incursion match to handle the tie breaker you delay the tournament another 30 mins ( not including the time it takes for people to get in lobbies which seemed to take 15-20 min for some matches last tournament) plus also have a chance that the match ends 100-100, 50-50 etc. Now we would rely on the in game decision making when it game to Incursion Tie Breakers but we have heard about some goofy things on how it chooses the winner, so to avoid disputes we have took matters in our own hands.

My apologies, I misinterpreted. I for some reason interpreted it as if team A won the first game of incursion and team B won the second then the third game would be capture, I’m dumb. I think the tiebreaker should be higher score but that could be a tie too, so I suppose the capture game makes sense.

i did two don’t feel bad

Legendaries should be banned. There is too much room for abuse, and they carry an inherent imbalance among different ones that isn’t present to nearly the same extent among normal gear.

Double elimination BO1 with BO3 grand finals. Takes less time without making a fluke mean the end.

Free entry. You will get no participants if you have paid entry. You already do a bad enough job advertising these tournaments to the community (nobody had signed up on any platform until I made a post here and on reddit), and putting up yet another entry barrier would just be a truly awful idea. The competitive communities on every platform are incredibly small, and the only reason you are able to run tournaments in the first place is because casual 5-stacks sign up (and they get stomped by the competitive teams regardless). Casual 5-stacks will not participate if money is on the line.

I don’t think that the initial tiebreakers should be a capture match.

The last HGL PS4 grand finals took 7 hours without having to play capture matches for tiebreakers. Imagine if all 6 matches came down to the 50-50 tiebreaker. That would be 6 additional capture games.

Tiebreakers should be simple and something that players are already going for:

  • Most kills
  • Most assists
  • Damage dealt.

Basically if both teams also have the same number of kills, then assists would be the next tiebreaker. If both teams have the same number of assists, then the next tiebreaker would be damage dealt. In the highly unlikely event that that is also equal, then both teams should receive a win. If its the final game to win for both teams, then maybe a capture match would be warranted (if something else can’t be agreed upon).

If it does come down to a capture match, then both teams should be forced to play the same characters (for the sake of saving time).

Game modes= You could just host tourneys that feature/showcase the different game modes. (That may bring out more players) I just dont think that a rotation or voting of game modes should be held.

Maps= IF a BO3 then the map rotation should be predetermined. With Game 2 being the loser of round 1 pick,
Like Incursion Overgrowth/Loser/Overgrowth

Paid Entry would only be good if there were additional Prizes, like Merchandise (SWAG) or other unique perks.

Bola’s and Firmware perma banned.

Those are the only two I have real issues with. You really do not want Orendi in a game with those. At least without firmware Orendi will actually be semi nerfed.

Different rewards please. I found out this week’s tournament reward was still cyber Pendles and was rather disappointed. Something like cyber ISIC or any other cyber skins would be nice.

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Not sure where you got your information from but prizes are suppose to be different this week last I heard was that Joe was working on them

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I was signed up in a team with 2 others, but we couldn’t get a full team together. Instead of assigning us free agents we just didn’t get to play. Hoping to play this weekend though and maybe I can give you some feedback then.