HGL Battleborn Tournaments April 1st - 2nd

After going on a short break of 11 days our Battleborn tournaments return. Some changes have been made to the Tournaments. One being that a new game mode will show its face in the Tournaments as the 3rd game in a series. We are no longer hosting one game mode tournaments anymore unless for a special occasion. We are currently working on a format for our Battleborn League so there will only be tournaments for the next several weeks.

Tournament Rules and Format Changes

3.1 Lobby Creation
If it takes a team more than 15 mins to join the lobby with a full team, that team will be disqualified.

3.1.2 Game mode
The game modes that will be played are Incursion, Meltdown, and Face Off

3.1.3 Maps
The maps that will be played are Overgrowth, Echelon, and Monuments for Incursion. Paradise, Coldsnap, and Outskirts for Meltdown and Snowblind, Temples, Outback for Face Off. Each team will be allowed to Ban one map per match.

The HGL Battleborn tournaments will be Single Elimination with matches being Best of 3 (BO3)

Game 1 Incursion
Game 2 Meltdown
Game 3 Face Off

Staff and Casters
We are in need of many Volunteers to help make these tournaments run smoothly if you would like to join or Cast for HGL please fill out the form below.

Tournament Registration

PS4 Saturday April 1st @ 3:00 PM EST

XB1 Saturday April 1st @ 3:00 PM EST

PC Sunday April 2nd @ 3:00 PM EST

Curious of what other tournaments we hold?
Check out our home page on battlefy and look around! We hold over 70 Tournaments a week!


Face off in tournament play? Is this an April fools joke?


It’s actually quite a well-balanced competitive mode, requiring good team communication and coordination between collecting masks and holding the deposit point, broken up by the boss fight which heavily interrupts team positioning requiring fast re-orginisation to critical choke points. Add in tactical blocking and re-summoning of Varelsi spawn points in order to deny the opposition levels and gain XP yourself, the marking of characters with a large amounts of masks, the time you spend vulnerable while depositing requiring at least a stealth or someone covering you, and the shorter time limit, and you get a mode well-suited to tournament play.


This creates so many heart pounding moments. I’m excited to watch some higher level matches.

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Does this contain prizes or is the prize just bragging rights?

You get a bunch of Finisci strippers that are essentially Toby in lingerie…


Just imagine a bra and panties on this^, and there you go…




Good lucky my man! I’ll be outta town/ just getting back into town for the Xbox one so I can’t enter.

Nope not a Joke at all if I recall correctly you were actually in that thread and replied with concerns of the competitive scene. We all pretty much mutaly agreed and excepted that Face OFF or Capture would replace the tiebreaker for a BO3 series

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Prizes are to be announced, but you can probably expect there to be Skins and Loot packs.

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I hope this tourney is better than the last one.

-5 teams
-Pre-made gear builds
-took forever to set up
-pub players draft bans were laughable

Just because a tourney has varying skill levels doesn’t make it a “pubstomp”, that is another thing entirely…

HGL is not responsible for the participating teams skill level, the tourneys are open for anyone to join. If you have a problem with that, maybe you could magically conjure highly skilled teams that want to join the tournaments, which is what you seem to be expecting HGL to do?


Sort of, but not really. I like seeing pro players/high skill players at tourneys sometimes. But I wish some of the teams mostly not use pub knowledge for the tourneys. (Like that meltdown match where one team banned Pendles and Mellka in draft. Problem with that is that both of them are terrible against well coordinated teams.) I understand they can’t help it due to them playing nothing but pubs.

I think we all want the highest caliber of matches but sometimes a team doesn’t pick up on everything immediately and even though it looks laughable to a lot that team may have had to go through that trial and error to get better. Should they hang up their cleats so to speak? Hopefully the team in question learned where they went wrong and next time they compete do much better.

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Are gear builds available in this tourney? And if it is available, how is it set up? I hope it’s not pre-made like the last tournament. The teams had a small variety of gear they could choose in the last one. This made certain characters not really viable. (Like the Ghalt player having -reload speed, ugh)

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That was only for the Choctaw tourney. HGL does not use a set for gear so you are free to use anything that isn’t a legendary. It forced you to use 2 characters not affected by the -reload for econ loadouts but it never forced you to run them on Ghalt… Hopefully the teams that played watched the finals and picked up on the drafting and gear choices to improve themselves.


I guess it’s not so bad as a tie breaker? Idk I don’t run tournaments. I just play Battleborn every day.

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omg are you THE hoho from DunkSquad?! THE dunksquad?! that lost to STL in every match ever?

Could you get STL to get me an autograph? :smiley:


ooooo, NocTurnaL Gaming will see you guys in the Ps4 tournament. Excited for this !!

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What’s the deadline to register? (didn’t see it anywhere, though I mostly skimmed the posts)