HGL Summer Update Tournaments!

Hello Battleborn Community!

We at HGL are happy to announce that we are hosting 3 new Battleborn tournaments, one for each platform June 17th and 18th. With all of these changes and new cosmetics we are looking forward to seeing different team compositions and players strutting their stuff. If you have just joined us in this amazing video game called Battleborn, and are thinking about joining competitive play this will be the perfect opportunity for you to get a feel for the competitive side of battleborn and to see just how great competitive Battleborn play is. In addition to that we are in the works of organizing community nights at HGL which include pick up matches, training days, Dungeon and Dragons, Discord Dungeons etc. Can’t make it to HGL’s training days? Visit the Unofficial Battleborn Discord and chat in the Battle School channel for help learning the game. Unavailable to make the tournaments that’s alright there are other community ran leagues where you can freely schedule matches. Just hit up Mahazzeeee(XB1)(definitely butchered his name) and Zombie Pizza Man (PC) for information.

3 Event Rules and Setup
3.1 Lobby Creation
If it takes a team more than 15 mins to join the lobby with a full team, that team will be disqualified.
3.1.1 Lobby host
The team with first ban will host the lobby,unless directed and agreed upon by the teams and tournament admins.
3.1.2 Game mode
The game modes that will be played are Incursion, and Meltdown.
3.1.2 Maps
The maps that will be played are Overgrowth, Echelon, and Monuments for Incursion. Paradise, Coldsnap, and Outskirts for Meltdown. Each team will be allowed to Ban one map per match.
3.2 Tournament Process
3.2.1 Banned Game Content
All legendary Gear is BANNED from tournament play.
3.2.2 Match check in
When a match is posted, both teams are required to check into the match within a 10 minute period or they will get disqualified.
3.2.3 Tournament Format
The HGL Battleborn tournaments will be Single Elimination with matches being Best of 3 (BO3)
Game 1 Incursion
Game 2 Meltdown
Game 3 Incursion
3.2.4 Game Ends as a Draw
If a game ends as a draw (Tied 50-50, 100-100 etc) the team with the most kills will be awarded the win. If both teams have concurrent kills then Damage dealt will be used to determine the winning team.

3.3 The Draft
The draft will take place in game and will be Captains Draft.
Team A 1 ban
Team B 1 ban
Team A 1 ban
Team B 1 ban
Team A 1 pick
Team B 2 picks
Team A 2 picks
Team B 2 picks
Team A 2 picks
Team B 1 pick
The Lowest seeded team will select if they want to ban first(team will be team A) or second (team will be team B) for following matches the loser of the match will decide if they want first or second pick.
3.4 bugs
Participates are not allowed to take advantage of bugs. If any team is found to be taking advantage of a known bug they will receive a 1 game loss.
3.5 Tools/Hacks
Participants are highly restricted from using any known and unknown hacks and tools. If any participants are found to be using Tool/Hacks and the proper evidence is supplied that participant will be banned from all HGL tournaments and reported to Gearbox Software.
3.6 Disconnection
If a player Disconnects from the game in the first 3 minutes the match will be restarted. Any disconnects that happen past the 3 minute mark can be disputed with administration.​

The rest of the rules can be read on the tournament pages listed below.

We are in need of many Volunteers to help make these tournaments run smoothly if you would like to Admin, Cast, Make graphics, or write articles about Battleborn please consider filling out the form below.


Tournament link
June 18th

June 17th

June 17th

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Cool to see HGL back. Unfortunately, I personally won’t be able to play in this first tournament as I’ll be out of town but I’ll do my best to push as many Xbox One players as I can to do it.