HGL Winter Update Tournaments

We have just witnessed the biggest update in Battleborn history. The Winter Update offers so much new experiences in the Battleborn world. We at HGL believe that the winter update is the best thing that has happened for Battleborn so far, and we are glad to reintroduce our Battleborn tournaments. Our first few tournaments will be what we call feedback tournaments, in which we will listen to all feedback about rules, tournament process, game modes etc , so we can make sure we host the fairest and most enjoyable tournaments as possible.

Rule Changes
3.1.1 Lobby host
The team with first ban will host the lobby,unless directed and agreed upon by the teams and tournament admins.

3.1.2 Game mode
    The game mode that will be played is Incursion.
 3.1.2 Maps
    The maps that will be played are Overgrowth, Echelon, and Monuments. The Highest Seeded team will pick map.

3.2 Tournament Process
3.2.1 Banned Game Content
All legendary Gear is BANNED from tournament play
Beatrix is banned until a week after Early Access.

3.2.3 Tournament Format
The HGL Battleborn tournaments will be Double Elimination. All matches will be Best of 1(BO1) until the finals, the finals will be Best of 3(BO3)

      3.2.4 Game Ends as a Draw
       If a game ends as a draw (Tied 50-50, 100-100 etc) a tiebreaker will take place. The tiebreaker will run on the Capture game mode and follow the same process as Incursion.

    3.3 The Draft

The draft will take place in game and will be Captain’s Draft
Team A 1 ban
Team B 1 ban
Team A 1 ban
Team B 1 ban
Team A 1 pick
Team B 2 picks
Team A 2 picks
Team B 2 picks
Team A 2 picks
Team B 1 pick
The Lowest seeded team will select if they want to ban first(team will be team A) or second (team will be team B) for following matches the loser of the match will decide if they want first or second pick.

The Whole Rulebook can be found Here

Tournaments ( Free Agents Welcomed)

Saturday January 28th at 3:00 PM EST

PS4 https://battlefy.com/helix-gamers-league/[ps4]-hgl-battleborn-winter-update-open/5883bc82eb2412390369486d/info

XB1 https://battlefy.com/helix-gamers-league/[xb1]-hgl-battleborn-winter-update-open/5883bf7372ba0a3a0392eb6c/info

Sunday January 29th at 3:00 PM EST

PC https://battlefy.com/helix-gamers-league/[pc]-hgl-battleborn-winter-update-open/5883bd7d5632803b039ec1b9/info


Well, I’m definitely registering a team for XB1.

Given that the Update brought back a lot of players, I really hope more people want to compete in this tournament! I competed in the r/Battleborn tournament right after launch, and it was a good time. Lots of competitive matches. I think I read someplace that Gearbox might consider sponsoring these tournaments and offering Shift code prizes if at least 6 teams competed. And HGL says everyone who competes in the tourney gets the Cyber Pendles skin!

So let’s gooooo!


This seems like a stupid question but these are online tourneys right?

Yep they are online

Another question. How long will the tournament run?

Tournaments will run until completion, so maybe 4 hours Max depending on the amount of teams playing

Maybe I missed it in the tourney link but is it best of 3? Or single games?

I just registered a team for Xbox One. Thanks! :+1:t2::facepunch:t2::tumbler_glass:


3pm est, is 9pm in Germany right?
It is international? Because we can’t play against gamer from Japan for example. High Ping you Know :wink:

It’s single elimination until the final, which is Best of 3.

UPDATE: I was wrong. Double elimination bracket, but BO1 for all matches except the final (BO3). Means you will not play multiple matches in any round but finals.

The dunksquad is scaring away the competitors for the pc tournament :laughing:

Alright so I’ve had people tell me their scared of the high tier teams and wouldn’t want to participate because of them. Here is what I have to say they are not going anywhere, there will always be high tier teams in any game. You can’t be afraid of them. They worked to get where they are so if you want to beat them work to get to that skill level. If there was enough high tier teams we would split tournaments and leagues similar to what we did with Evolve Stage 2. Making a “Pro” and “Amateur” scene, but there is not enough teams to do this. We just can’t exclude then from the tournament because supposedly their better then everyone. The tournaments are for the community and everyone in it. So if your doubting your team by saying you can’t compete with them I have some questions for you. Have you played them? if yes and lost then have you done things to improve in the game like practice and scrim with other teams?

The high tier teams know that they are scaring away players, that is why they haven’t participated in quite some time and some have left. Right now there is no such high tier team on PS4. XB1 and PC still have them but this shouldn’t discourage you to play, you should have faith in your team and be prepared when your up against them. Some of the high tier teams have handicapped themselves like Drunk Squadron, they are using Cointrolers on PC in the upcoming tournament. They know there are new teams and old teams that are not at their skill level, but they still want to participate, not to stomp all the teams, but to enjoy the game they put hundreds of hours in. I promise you they get tired of winning, they want more competition at their skill level so why not you? Why not your team? Work hard and you will get there I promise you.


Double elimination BO1 until finals, Finals BO5

You speak the truth, if only I can like this 100x

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Sorry about that. I was confused by:

So in the bracket, if you lose your first match, you are placed in a loser’s bracket. You can continue to advance provided you keep winning, but a second loss at any time (except for in the Finals) results in elimination.

Yep you got it


I just wanna say this: There’s no reason to fear the dunk squad. When I first joined the comp scene I was immediately thrown onto a team with people I’ve never had any interaction with before, had no idea how they played, and was expected to perform in a tournament that was only a week away against some of the best players at that time. We ended up making second place, and those guys I was suddenly forced onto a team with are now some of my best buddies (two of them left bb, but ice and >< are still my friends).

Yeah, we got our asses handed in the final round, but it was fun, and I learned a lot. Now I’m part of the dunk squad (even though I’m registering as a free agent because why not). I guess the point of all this is: if you want to be the best, you gotta play with the best. You’ll definitely get your ass kicked in the beginning, but soon hoho is gonna start demanding that you 1v1 him and ice is gonna say that fighting your main is super annoying.


When I first started to play competitive, I was in team Trash Tier. We achieved 4th and 3rd place in the first 2 tournaments that took place. I only trusted myself with 2 characters back then and didn’t have no idea how to draft or anything and basically got thrown into matches like how @ZombiePizzaMan mentioned in scrims. I lost a lot but I learned so much at the same time thanks to those guys in that team that had my back. Ever since then I joined more scrims and met more of these guys and they are now some of my best buds too. We all get salty now and then when we play each other because we are all COMPETITIVE, but at the end of the day its back to laughing.

Oh yea… Edit: I wouldn’t be scared of people that have over 1k hrs. Half of my time has been lobbyborn mixed with numerous gear testing and some PVE thrown into the mix. I probably only have about 400-ish hours in PVP so just in case, it don’t take a long time to be good at the game as long as you are willing to learn.

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Ok. In that case, you might want to edit your original post.

No it already states its double elim