HGL's Battleborn Winter Circuit

**Overview **
With 2017 just starting we are glad to announce the start of something bigger in the Battleborn Competitive scene. Our Winter Circuit will be the start of regularly scheduled competitive matches over the weekend. All platforms are being supported in our first Circuit as this circuit will be used for testing and future references for bigger leagues and events. This first Circuit will run for 7 weeks starting March 11th at 1:00PM EST with the first 3 games. After the 7 weeks of sechduled matches an Online Invitational will be played with a crowd funded prise. We are shooting to raise $3,000 for the invitational which will allow each platform a $1,000 Purse with $500 going to 1st place. In the event in which $3,000 was not raised further details will be given before the invitational.
The HGL Battleborn Winter Circuit is a 7 week circuit with scheduled games being played Saturday and Sunday between 1:00 PM EST and 10:00 PM EST. At the end of the 7 weeks an online invitational will be played with a crowd funded prize.

Rule Changes
3.1 Lobby Creation
If it takes a team more than 15 mins to join the lobby with a full team, that team will be disqualified.

3.1.2 Game mode
The game modes that will be played is Incursion and Meltdown

3.1.2 Maps
The maps that will be played are Overgrowth, Echelon, and Monuments for Incursion. Paradise, Coldsnap, and Outskirts for Meltdown. Each team will be allowed to Ban one map per game.

3.2.3 Tournament Format
The HGL Battleborn Circuit will be weekly matches for 7 weeks. All matches will be Best of 3(BO3)
Round 1 Meltdown
Round 2 Incursion
Round 3 Meltdown

3.2.4 Game Ends as a Draw
If a game ends as a draw (Tied 50-50, 100-100 etc) the team with the most kills will be awarded the win. If both teams have concurrent kills then Damage dealt will be used to determine the winning team.

3.3 The Draft
The draft will take place in game and will be 5v5 PvP Ban Draft.
Team A 1 ban
Team B 1 ban
Team A 1 ban
Team B 1 ban
Team A 1 pick
Team B 2 picks
Team A 2 picks
Team B 2 picks
Team A 2 picks
Team B 1 pick
The Lowest seeded team will select if they want to ban first(team will be team A) or second (team will be team B) for following matches the loser of the match will decide if they want first or second pick.

Sign Ups Close March 4th at 1:00 PM EST.
First week of play will start March 11th at 1:00 PM EST. Week ones Sechdule will go live Monday March 6th.

Circuit Sign Up Links

PS4 Sign Up: https://battlefy.com/helix-gamers-league/ps4-hgl-battleborn-winter-circuit/589b328f7c046d38034fa2be/info?infoTab=details

XB1 Sign Up: https://battlefy.com/helix-gamers-league/xb1-hgl-battleborn-winter-circuit/58a3a0bcd0dae94a0d31b8b8/info?infoTab=details

PC Sign Up: https://battlefy.com/helix-gamers-league/pc-hgl-battleborn-winter-circuit/58a3a117e6f6033103b27a88/info?infoTab=details

As mentioned above the prize pool for the Invitational will be donated. If you would like to donate money or buy some cool things and still give some money to the prize pool we would recommend to check the donation page quite regularly as we add new things on it.

Donation Page https://matcherino.com/b/tournaments/5174


Why meltdown :sob:


Because meltdown demands a higher level of play, even despite the changes recently made to it. It also follows the tourney style of the Choctaw tourney. Finally, you are guaranteed to get one meltdown and one incursion game, and it makes an already painfully long tournament even longer making incursion be the tiebreaker, since incursion games tend to last longer.


signed up as a free agent on ps4; was not an option on pc :frowning:

also, the battlefy page wants to start on the 4th. since ill be at the choctaw tourney, i may not be able to check in then. :confused:

I’m not getting in another argument of which mode is better with the PC group again, especially given how finale mode is, agree to disagree.

@wintersjordan0 none of the competitive players on xb1 that I know have any desire to play meltdown.


Meldown has been pretty much dead on xbox since finale.

@wintersjordan0 Please consider hosting a vote for what gametype should be the focus of the tournament or possibly change it to Incursion, Incursion then meltdown tiebreaker.

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I’m going to give revamped 400 point Meltdown a shot. Then I’ll have an opinion.

@JoesOs @cyanized227 @crimsonregret55 @skills4u2envy @cadecampbell

or any other Xbox players interested in forming a team with me?


Will the circuit have a bit more leeway in scheduling? Maybe there can be a set day of scheduled matches but the teams can work out a time that works for them both?

Meltdown finale has been dead on PS4 too.

Good to see Beta chiming in his own opinion though on which mode between meltdown and incursion “demands a higher level of play”.

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Out of curiosity for the Choctaw tourney -

Whose idea was it to go meltdown - incursion -meltdown as opposed to incursion - meltdown - incursion?

Was this from GbX officially or from someone else?

I’m very curious as to this answer…

And why would meltdown finale (a mode still admittingly from GBX – being reviewed and overhauled to this very day… that just came out a couple of weeks ago (!)) be the featured game mode as opposed to incursion - - - a game mode that has stayed relatively unchanged since the games initial creation.


So to pretty much clear this question up for everyone why did we pick Meltdown. First off after seeing Meltdown in the Choctaw Qualifier we at HGL saw that it wasn’t as horrific as we thought and offered a well balanced and viable game mode competitively. It also offered us to cut the length of the matches instead of having one hour and thirty minutes of Incursion for a BO3 which would limit us to 4-5 matches a day. We know that Meltdown is not liked by a lot of people especially those on XB1, but this is more to find that one Platform that will be home to the Premiere Tournaments and Leagues . Having other game modes in tournaments also increase the amount of knowledge and skills a player needs to play well in both game modes. And finally it switches things up for the audience watching, making things more exciting as one team might have an advantage in a certain mode. I wouldn’t be surprised if next Circuit or maybe even before you see Capture become the last game or the tiebreaker.


Yes there is some leeway on scheduling. All games have to be played either on Saturday and Sunday between the times of 1:00 PM and 10:00 PM EST. Games will take place in 1 hour intervals so there will be a game at 1 than 2 and so on. Note that this might change by the 11th of March

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I will later today (however I won’t be having a mic, I’m getting a new one Friday since the other one broke)

I can definitely see a 30 minute struggle at a choke point with brief moments of action during a push to be boring from a spectator’s view, which is what most competitive games of incursion turn into.


Yeah of course I’m down to try this new meltdown! Just inv me whenever Genericktag!

@cyanized227 @cadecampbell

Oh, maybe I wasn’t clear. I meant I was wondering if anyone wanted to form a team for the circuit.

Doesn’t mean I don’t want to try out the new Meltdown with you guys though!


O ok, I get what you mean. But yeah I would love to form a team for the circuit!

“Truer words” and all that jazz. This is why we find Incursion competitively lacking. Either it’s a 4 minute roflstomp in pubs (our Lumberjack Go strat has a time record lower than 2 minutes), or a 30-minute boring-ass struggle as both teams mastrubate behind a corner because tanks and CC being so strong ruins any hopes of a push, and stalemates are decided by who gets greedy with 2 minutes left and feeds a kill, snowballing into a team wipe. Part of this is why we on PC tend to prefer Monuments over Overgrowth, because holding mid is less meaningful (you don’t dominate the shard economy) and exchanging territory is easier (you have no buildables helping you).

Even in it’s neutered form, competitive meltdown matches have more constant action and demand greater reactionary play. Jacking off behind a corner until the enemy does something stupid isn’t a viable strategy. While my experience has been that casting meltdown matches is harder (can’t be in both lanes at once), it does make for better viewing.


Is split screen spectating a thing? If so that could make broadcasting meltdown better. One spectator in each lane.

Ohh, yeahe I can’t go to the circuit lol, but I’m gonna try to play again later today, so we can possibly play the game together but it would be late at night