HGL'S Xbox One and PC Tournaments are back and better then Ever!

We are proud to announce that the PC and Xbox One tournaments are coming back and will have changes to them from the rules, to the game modes ,and the maps that will be played. The PC tournament will be on August 21st at 4:00 PM EST and the Xbox One Tournament will be on August 20th at 4:00 PM EST. Now go look at them changes!
The changes
Both PC and Xbox One:

  1. 1 Legendary gear is allowed for each player (teammates can run same gear)
  2. there will be a legendary gear ban each team can ban 2 legendaries.
  3. No more League.
    PC Changes:
  4. PC will be playing Meltdown for this tournament
  5. Maps will be Coldsnap and Paradise
    Xbox Changes:
  6. Xbox will play Incursion mode
  7. maps will be Overgrowth, Echelon, and Monuments.
    You can sign up here
    PC https://battlefy.com/helix-gamers-league/pc-helix-open/57a0dc3bf7e8152e0cfcbe30/info
    Xbox One https://battlefy.com/helix-gamers-league/xbox-one-helix-open/57a0df023d9f1b1d0c901671/info
    Join our Discord Channel https://discord.gg/0zDscomrrfoWrEGb


Legendary bans will begin after the character pick/ban

1st 1 Legendary Pack

2nd 1 Epic Pack

3rd 1 Rare Pack

not trying to start anything here, i appreciate your effort at putting something together. i personally know of at least 10 teams on xb1 that would have competed in your tournament, but if you are allowing legendary gear, we will all pass. these rules alienate the entire truly competitive community. and i am not just speaking for myself. go ahead and ask those that competed in the very well done reddit tournament last month.

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You know that scene in the first Austin powers where he’s in the hotel talking about Vanessa and getting excited gradually blowing up the balloon, then she says “actually I couldnt stop staring at your teeth” and he goes “oh” and the balloon completely deflates. That kind of describes my experience with seeing the title of this post, and then actually reading it.

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See this is what I don’t get why not be optimistic about it? Why not try it out see where it goes. This is a learning experience for you and Helix Gamers League.

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all gear or no gear, I like your rules. Yal should do the broadcast thing and stream it. And no mention about banning heroes and mirror picks…cool

i would expect an influx from everyone i know that plays this game competitively making an appearance on this thread. we have all “experimented” with playing against players using legendary gear in pvp. it simply doesnt work, and ruins the competitive experience

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Trying to set up something with Vibe and Plumbers to where we can all promote it…will keep you posted.

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No need to the community has spoken

Yeah XB1 players basically play Incursion with no legendaries, at least everyone In our little competitive circle.

We are gonna try to set up something like a tourney every two weeks for XB1 and promote through the forums and our streams.

We should probably talk. Seems like you guys know what ps4 and PC want, and we know what xb1 wants.

where exactly has the community spoken?

Honestly, this shows your innate lack of experience with Legendaries and how they effect the game.

Prolly something to do with the stigma “I ain’t need no legendary, I’m not a bitch” thing people still have from the days of legendaries being utterly broken.

Or maybe they’re just afraid of boots of the brute?

Hey four legendary bans: Bola’s, Blissbeast, BoB, Solar. Arguably the four best legendaries gone just like that. You can add a whole nother level of depth to this game that it currently doesn’t have by allowing free choice of gear. We’re even talking the viability of never before seen characters.

Heck if you were to actually legitimately ban items because they are actually broken, it would be the 0 cost shard gen and 0 cost buildable. There are no two other items in a game that have more impact on it than these two.



Really gonna shoot down the legendary gear before even trying it huh? That’s not cool at all.

I personally think it’s a great idea and would like to try it on PS4, just to see how “broken” it really is. Imo one legendary is awesome and in it’s own can create all kind of counter strats, especially with legendary adjusting and balancing. You can even ban certain one’s too.

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Why would they allow bans on legendary gear? Because they realize that they have too large an impact on the game. That in itself is why they shouldn’t be allowed at all. Giving each team 2 bans doesn’t help. You banned boots? Fine we just won’t use melee. Giving characters added effects that aren’t within the characters design is bogus, especially in competitive. You wanna be casual, whatever, you do you. But if people are gonna be serious and jump in the deep end and play tourneys, take the water wings off and win by skill and team strategy not because Mike and mellka are slowing with their guns

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We’ve tried legendaries man. The overwhelming majority in xb1 “competitive” players don’t want it.

There are some that are still extremely game changing, including some of the lore ones.

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If this is your counter argument, then why have bans on certain characters? Ban one ban all, right? Wait, then we couldn’t play at all.

By banning legendaries, or any gear for that matter, you’re essentially ignoring a core mechanic of this game. If this is the case you may as well ban helix augments as well and play with no customisation whatsoever, as you said win by skill and team strategy alone, not because your character can do something others can’t.


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But there are also characters that are complete game changers too (Thorn, Gali, Ambra, etc). The changes they made to legendary has made them very easy to deal with for the most part, and even if they are game changing, what’s wrong with countering that game changer with your own? I mean truthfully a piece of gear alone won’t make the significant change making difference as it would be the character themselves. But with them I’ve seen that every character in the game seems more feasible (Whiskey without his legendary is a shell of himself in alot of aspects).

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Will these move to PS4?

Yes sooner then later

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For starters, way more legendary gear than there is battleborn so let’s not make that comparison…Banning characters makes it so that teams can’t run the same team comp every time, putting people out of their comfort zone and making them have to try that much harder and work as a team. Seeing as this would be a tourney, you’d be able to see what teams people ran, and try to counter that with picks and bans. There is actual strategy to the draft. Yes there are heroes that have more of an effect on the game than others do, but it’s then your strategy to eliminate those characters. Or you can go the other way so that if they are guarenteed to get 1 of those characters, don’t ban another so that you are also guarenteed to get a game changer on your side as well. No matter how many gear bans you get, characters are still getting an added passive they couldn’t get by helixes, even after unlocking all the mutations. There is nothing competitive about being able to slow with a guns primary. There is nothing competitive about being slowed by a sword primary. There is nothing competitive about hitting player A with an ability but getting a kill on player B because your gear also gives a percentage of damage to another person as well. There is nothing competitive about being stunlocked by Toby for 4 consecutive seconds because his gear gives him a second mine. Short of the lore gear, All the legendary gear does is give an added effect that unless you got lucky and a boss dropped it or you got a lucky loot pack, you don’t have access to. If it’s not in a characters possible realm by reaching level ten, it shouldn’t ever be available to him in a competitive game. Not only that, people have to open loot packs and do story missions and pray that they get the legendary piece they are looking for. Characters are unlocked and earned. Helix mutations are unlocked and earned. Activating helixes are unlocked and earned by leveling up in a game. Everybody can get those, and know exactly when they will get them, just by playing as a certain character so it’s not the same as gear. Yes you have to get lucky to get certain rare and epic gear, but you can actually buy packs that guarentee that level of gear, unlike legendary. I play pvp, this thread is about pvp, most of the bogus gear is unlocked via pve and thus those who also play pve are more likely to have them. Why is it right that pve people are given an advantage in pvp over those who stick to pvp? The simple answer is that it isn’t. Skill and smarts help you pick the right helix choices that work best in your team comp and what your team is relying on you as a player to do, not what your gear will do, that’s not skillful. The same stuff has been said over and over in countless threads. Tournaments are competitive and legendary gear takes away from competition by giving those who have more rare gear more capabilities. Im not asking for no gear at all, but having legendary gear in a competitive tourney is just plain wrong.