HGN 'old' carrier

I have started to ‘remaster’ the old hgn carrier I made long ago. For the moment I have only added a normal map (not yet complete) on old textures.

I have a question about the right way to light the parts around the fighter exit at the front: are nav_baynf bad for performance or is it ok to use a few of them? It looks a simpler way to light nearby panels than a glow map.

HW2C limit was 4 lights affecting a ship- at least two of which were eaten by the key/fill light in the background. HWRM has a limit of 16 and since your lights are going to be small and not touching a lot of ships so you shouldn’t notice any performance hit. Feel free to pursue your method.

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Thanks a lot for the information!

cof assaul carrier cof eheheheh

Looking really good, can’t wait to play with it!
Hey @Burly ,@pouk , check it out!

The old classic, nice!