Hi all! New to Borderlands 2!

Hi all, as the topic says I am new to Borderlands 2 and recently picked up the Handsome Collection for Xbox One.

I played the original Borderlands for PS3 many years ago and kind of forgot about it since then, but now that I picked up The Handsome Collection (awesome deal by the way) I’ve been playing non stop.

Since I was new to the game and the different characters, I went on a random whim and chose Krieg as my starting character in BL2. Boy was I dying a lot and completely playing him the incorrect way since I winged it and went in head first without doing any research! LoL What can I say? I was excited to play. I was still enjoying the game despite the difficulties I was encountering, but after doing some research on Krieg here and other random places online, Krieg is much more enjoyable to play! I’m having a blast. Thanks to anyone who has shared helpful incite on leveling Krieg.

Anyway I just wanted to make my first post and say hello. I would like to be active here and become a part of the community because I really enjoy the game. If anyone wants to share any helpful news for a new player on any and all topics (info on the included DLC would be helpful) it would be appreciated. Thanks!


Welcome aboard! Glad to have ya!

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Any questions about meat man (or K, how we usually refer to him), feel free to ask mate.

Don’t be afraid of possible arm and hand oversizing, uncontrollable explosions, one of us being on fire and throwing fire balls or just shouting about meat and fluids.


Be sure to check out the community guide for more information about our favorite Psycho. And remember: I am the conductor of the poop train and we have beverages in the dinning car!

A good start game advise :
Do NOT rush into ennemies when you activate Buzz Axe Rampage if you do not have the skill called “Release de Beast” : you will get down almost immediatly unless lucky.
Prefer to fall back, activate Buzz Axe Rampage and toss your axes to the bad guys.

Hope it help !