Hi Anyone out there willing to help out :)

Hello there, ive just finished up with borderlands the pre sequel and im now playing borderlands 2, im level 26 and only plan on doing one walkthrough and would like as many trophies as possible while i do, ive heard you get a ton of eridium from the **raiders of the last boss ** and was hoping if someone/s could help me out and carry me through a couple of times just so i can get my a few of my items maxed out before finishing the game and side missions,
No worries if not yall probably have better stuff to do

Add me and I´ll kill the dragons for you.

Thanks man! ive not yet unlocked it, didnt expect a comment this fast, will i be able to join your game?

Please could you help me kill dragons

Il help anyone who needs it on bl2 im an op8 siren PSN Denyingwind add me and send me msg

Sure, just hook me up when I´m on next time.